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Radmacher Article

The Radmacher case has been highlighted in the news recently as the case which has changed matrimonial law. In order to understand the case it is important to have a brief outline of the history. The parties met in November 1997 in London when they were both in their 20s. Ms Radmacher came from a... read more

Advice on Gas Appliances

If a plumber or gas fitter visits your home to do work on a gas appliance always ask to see their Gas Safe identification card. Anyone who is employed to work on gas appliances in houses and flats must be Gas Safe registered.... read more

The Work of the Health and Safety Executive

The Health and Safety Executive (“HSE”) is Britain’s national regulator for health and safety in the workplace. It aims to prevent death, injury and ill-heath through information and promoting training, and also carrying out inspections and enforcement. An example of this is that in 2010 the HSE prosecuted Callender (Lancashire) Aeroport Limited in Accrington Magistrates... read more