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Many people are now living much longer and more of us may be affected by incapacitation or long-term illnesses which could require specialist care and on-going support . It is therefore essential you have the right advice to protect your property, hard earned assets and welfare. A Lasting Power of Attorney can help protect you... read more

Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited raise money for Will Aid

Click on link Will week... read more

Polygamous Marriages

Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts v Yemoh [2010] EWCH 3727 (Ch) The Court was asked to consider the way in which the Intestacy Rules work in relation to polygamous marriages.  The deceased had died Intestate, domiciled in Ghana and owned various properties, including property in England.  He was married to six women and the... read more

Parking Your Car On A Busy Road

It is probably something that we have all done. You park your car on a busy road leading in to a town centre, perhaps because there is no alternative parking near by, and you need to get something from the rear of your car. The road being busy results in a line of cars queuing... read more