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Legal Aid Changes

“The full effect of the Legal Aid changes are now coming to the fore”. Following the severe reduction in a persons ability to claim Legal Aid, following the LASPO Act, a Litigant in Person (LIP)  is now far more likely to be seen in Court than they were in previous years. The Personal Support Unit,... read more

Secrecy in the Family Court?

It is a central principle that the Family Court will maintain confidentiality and privacy for the families concerned; save in exceptional circumstances. The Family Court is coming under more pressure to become ‘more transparent’ with there being calls to open up the Family Court. Of course there is a balance to be stuck, with may... read more

Alzheimer’s UK Memory Walk

On 17th September staff at Latimer Lee will be partaking in the Alzheimer’s UK Memory Walk. Every year 225,000 people are diagnosed with Dementia and it is a cause which is close to our hearts. Our staff in our Private Client department are faced with the day to day reality of the disease. They understand... read more

Contaminated Land

Commercial and industrial activity may result in land becoming contaminated with substances which, if not properly dealt with, could pose a risk to public health or the environment. Land in England and Wales has a legacy of contaminants in soil, mainly caused by industrial and domestic pollution. Although most soils contain some contaminants, the levels... read more

Warning Issued by NSPCC Over Leaving Children Home Alone

As the summer holidays approach, the NSPCC issued a warning with regard to leaving children home alone. With the cost of child care rising and parents facing childcare problems; reports flood in from others concerned about children being left unattended by their parents in the holidays. The NSPCC says last summer its helpline received 453... read more

Being an Executor – How prepared are you…..?

Acting as an Executor is probably something most people will never have to do.  If they are appointed, it will usually be for a family member or close friend, perhaps once in their life.  Sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, how much do you know about the job an Executor has to do and what you... read more

Residential Conveyancing Made Easy

There are three stages to a Conveyancing matter: 1. Preliminary Matters, 2. Exchange and Pre-Completion and 3. Completion and Post-Completion Matters. The three stages are explained briefly  in the table below. Please note the order of the stages may vary as all cases are different. Preliminary Matters TAKING CLIENT’S INSTRUCTIONSDUE DILIGENCE CHECKS ON CLIENT’S IDENTITY... read more

Being a dementia friend

Dementia friends are an initiative run by The Alzheimer’s Society.  They help you to understand and learn what it is actually like to live with dementia and the small ways in which you can help. Information sessions are held locally that are run by dementia friend champions who are trained and supported by The Alzheimer’s... read more

Marriage Continues to Decline as Cohabitation Rises

The latest Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures tells us that just over 50% of the adult population are married. In England and Wales 23.8 million people were recorded as married in 2015. This was 50.6% of the population aged 16 and over. In 2002 married people amounted to 54.8% of the population aged 16... read more

I have a judgment but they still won’t pay?

You generally have 6 years to enforce a judgment, but this can be extended if payments are being made. Charging orders If the person who owes you money, owns a property or shares you can apply to court for a charging order. If the court makes an interim order it will then list the matter... read more