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Sealed Bids

Help!  They want me to put in a sealed bid! Putting an offer in on a house is nerve-wracking at the best of times.   But making a sealed bid can be even more so. Our Conveyancing department has the following tips: Remember, your sealed bid is not binding.  The title still has to be investigated... read more

Resolution and Me

I’m a proud member of Resolution, a community of family justice professionals who work with families and individuals to resolve issues in a constructive way. Resolution membership is about the approach I take to my work. This means that as a Resolution member, I will always seek to reduce or manage any conflict and confrontation,... read more

The Importance of Home Insurance (and Shoes!)

Imagine you’ve found the perfect pair of Louboutin shoes.   The bright red soles that shine the red of holly berries as you walk with its slim stiletto and classic pointed toe.  Now imagine that you make the momentous decision to spend £455.00 to buy them.  You make all kinds of promises to yourself; about how... read more

Mediation and Litigation

The litigation department have just completed a marathon mediation for a Claimant against insurers lasting 13 hours.  The claim settled at 9.30pm for a six figure sum. The parties had started off very far apart but thanks to an excellent mediator and belief in the process; it was a great outcome for the client. Mediation,... read more

Compensation Caps

Proposals to cut rights to claim? Motorists may soon see their car insurance premiums reduced because plans are now being drawn up cut compensation for whiplash injuries claims in England and Wales. Whiplash claims have risen by 50% over the past decade, costing insurance companies around £1bn a year. The government said insurers have pledged... read more

HS2 and Searches

HS2 – The Importance of Searches When Buying a Property When a buyer decides to buy a house, the first thing that they worry about is “Can I afford it?”  The next question is “When can I move in?” It is down to the solicitor or conveyancer looking after the buyer’s purchase to ask the... read more


CONVEYANCING?  IT’S A PIECE OF CAKE FOR LATIMER LEE If you were to ask me to tell you the secrets of Conveyancing,   I couldn’t.   It would take years and years – and before I finished telling you, the rules would have changed. What I will do – given the time of year – is illustrate... read more

Unoccupied Properties feel the effects of the cold weather too!

Precautions to take, with unoccupied properties, before the harsh winter weather arrives: – Repair any dripping taps. – Arrange for someone to check the property regularly throughout and cold spells. – Check the insulation on pipes and water tanks especially those in the loft. – If the central heating system is kept on a timer... read more

Injunction / Non-Molestation Orders

The word ‘injunction’ describes any court order that makes someone act or forbids someone from acting in a certain way. An emergency injunction is the informal description for a court order made without notice to the other person ( ex parte) . In plain English this means that the person you are applying for an injunction against... read more

Joint Tenancy and Tenants in Common – What is the difference?

Joint Tenancy and Tenants in Common are forms of co-ownership or concurrent interests in a property where two or more people enjoy property or an interest in it. In its simplest form the main difference is that joint tenancy involves the right of survivorship.  So, if one of the joint tenants were to die that... read more