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Block Management

Property Management Solicitors

Putting aside replacing light bulbs in the communal corridors and the actual repainting of the outside of your building, many aspects of property management involve the law. As estate agents, landlords and property managers, you must be able to interpret the lease to know the scope of your rights and obligations and how to apply them in accordance with the lease.

At Latimer Lee, our expertise advising estate agents, landlords and property management companies on all matters relating to block management is second-to-none. Our Solicitors have been involved in the management of numerous portfolios of varying sizes and are familiar with the workings of the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT).

Legal Advice for Estate Agents, Landlords and Property Managers

In the first instance, our Portfolio Study is designed to make your business more efficient by saving you money and showing you how you can reasonably generate additional income through the proper application of your rights and obligations under the lease. Many clients have reported that the Portfolio Study has increased their profit margin because they no longer do tasks that are not within the ordinary scope of their retainer unless the leaseholders agree to pay for the privilege.

We are proud of our success rate when it comes to getting back unpaid rent, service charges, ground rents, etc., all recoverable under the lease. Invariably this is done without having to commence proceedings but, if we believe that is it necessary to do so or if you instruct us to take an aggressive stance, we have the resources and capability to do this on your behalf, including in front of the LVT or in court.

Alternatively, for clients who hire us on a retainer basis, we will white-label some of our products so create the impression that you have your own in-house legal department, which can often generate greater cooperation from defaulting leaseholders.

Leaseholder companies are unusual because their shareholders are more interested in the properties, the ownership of which has resulted in them holding shares and, even more so, because their directors often have no real interest in running a company and little, if any, understanding of the duties and obligations binding upon them as officers of the company. We can help you manage these companies and our Solicitors run training courses for directors of leaseholder companies, another example of a product that can be white-labelled for clients who hire us on a retainer basis.

All of the above compliments work being done in the firm’s Conveyancing, Commercial Property and Debt Recovery departments and, across the firm, we work closely to ensure that you get the most cost-effective, efficient service possible.

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