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Consumer Disputes

Manchester Consumer Dispute Solicitor

Whenever you purchase goods or services from a business, there are a number of legal requirements which are imposed for which you will require a consumer dispute solicitor. The main requirements are that goods must be fit for their purpose and of satisfactory quality and services must be supplied with reasonable care and skill.

In addition, if you purchase goods of services by telephone or on the internet, you usually have the right to cancel your agreement if you change your mind. However, there are very strict time limits for doing this.

Often, the value of the goods or services which you purchase will be such that it is not cost-effective to instruct a solicitor. This is because, generally speaking, you will not be able to recover your legal costs from the supplier even if you are successful at court. This general rule applies to all claims under £10,000

In these cases, we would recommend that you approach your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau, check whether you have Legal Services Insurance or an Advice Service included with your household insurance policy which may assist or obtain a leaflet about bringing a small claim from your local County Court.

If you think you may have suffered a loss in excess of £10,000, we may be able to assist you with a claim through the courts, resolving the dispute by negotiation or mediation or, in some circumstances, by referring the supplier to their regulator or Ombudsman.

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