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Neighbour Disputes

Neighbour Dispute – Manchester Solicitors

Whilst we all hope to get on well with our neighbours, all too often things do not go to plan and disputes arise.

If your neighbours are causing a nuisance, such as playing music too loudly, the best advice we can offer is to approach them calmly, explain the source of distress and try to reach an amicable solution. Where this is not possible, assistance may be available for your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau or Local Authority. In extreme cases, the Police may be willing to get involved.

Manchester Neighbour Dispute Solicitor

Sometimes, however, issues may arise in relation to damage caused to your property or to the boundary or shared boundary structures (such as fences or walls). Again, we would hope that it would be possible to resolve these disputes by direct discussion and negotiation but, in more serious cases, it may be necessary to involve solicitors and, potentially, your insurers.

At Latimer Lee, we can assist you with resolving these sorts of issues, with experience of mediation, adjudication and claims before the courts. As Manchester based neighbour dispute solicitors, we can also liaise with your insurers, where appropriate, to obtain funding for any steps we take.

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