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Attention First Time Buyers!

In the Budget on 22 November 2017, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced a relief from stamp duty land tax (SDLT) for first time buyers. The relief will apply from 22 November 2017 to purchases of residential property for £500,000 or less, provided the purchaser intends to occupy the property as their only or main... read more


Since 1980, council tenants, and former council tenants whose properties have been transferred to housing associations, have had the right to buy their homes from their landlord at a significant discount. The scheme remains popular. In the last four years, over fifty thousand families have used their Right to Buy to become home owners. Now,... read more

Ignoring a MIAM

4/5 separating couples are ignoring the requirement to attend a MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) according to figures released by National Family Mediation. Since April 2014 it has been compulsory for a separating couple to attend a MIAM before applying for a court order in divorce proceedings. But data from a Freedom of Information... read more

Solar Panels

Buying a freehold property with Solar Panels Solar panels may be a feature on some right to buy properties where there are a number of issues to look at, some of which are outlined below. You need to firstly consider the ownership of the panels. Are they owned outright by the seller? If so then this... read more

Legal Aid Changes

“The full effect of the Legal Aid changes are now coming to the fore”. Following the severe reduction in a persons ability to claim Legal Aid, following the LASPO Act, a Litigant in Person (LIP)  is now far more likely to be seen in Court than they were in previous years. The Personal Support Unit,... read more

Being an Executor – How prepared are you…..?

Acting as an Executor is probably something most people will never have to do.  If they are appointed, it will usually be for a family member or close friend, perhaps once in their life.  Sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, how much do you know about the job an Executor has to do and what you... read more

Marriage Continues to Decline as Cohabitation Rises

The latest Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures tells us that just over 50% of the adult population are married. In England and Wales 23.8 million people were recorded as married in 2015. This was 50.6% of the population aged 16 and over. In 2002 married people amounted to 54.8% of the population aged 16... read more

Guidance on financial needs on divorce published

The Family Justice Council (FJC) has published guidance on financial needs on divorce aimed both at Courts and legal advisers. The guide has been produced by the Financial Needs Working Group, chaired by Mrs Justice Roberts, of the Family Justice Council and is addressed primarily to courts and legal advisers.  It has been drafted as a... read more

Mortgage Credit Directive and Certificate of Title

The Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) was implemented in the UK on 21 March and the certificate of title was updated to reflect the changes. The MCD gives potential borrowers a reflection period of at least seven days once they have received a binding mortgage offer. The reflection period is intended to allow the consumer sufficient... read more

Security of Tenure

Security of Tenure: To Exclude or Not To Exclude? The Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 (LTA 1954) administrates the responsibilities and rights of landlords and tenants of properties and premises which are used and occupied for business purposes. Security of tenure for the tenant The tenant of a property or premises from which a business... read more