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Personal Injury

Whiplash Reforms

The Government has made an announcement for reforms for low-value personal injury claims. For claims arising from road traffic accidents the Small Claims Limit will rise from £1,000 to £5,000 whereas the limit for employers’ liability and public liability claims will rise to £2,000. What does this mean? If injuries fall within the Small Claims... read more

Curtailing the rights of compensation for injury to members of the armed forces; Right or wrong?

A new consultation paper is being published by the Ministry of Defence in February 2017 which will outline plans to widen the principle of ‘Combat Immunity’. Combat Immunity provides an exemption from legal liability for members of the armed forces and government. New proposals being outlined advocate for Combat Immunity to apply to all claims... read more

Compensation Caps

Proposals to cut rights to claim? Motorists may soon see their car insurance premiums reduced because plans are now being drawn up cut compensation for whiplash injuries claims in England and Wales. Whiplash claims have risen by 50% over the past decade, costing insurance companies around £1bn a year. The government said insurers have pledged... read more

Bringing a Child Injury Claim

Children often have accidents and it’s usually ‘Kids beings kids’ or rough and tumble that leads to bruises and scrapes, or more significant injuries. Sometimes children can suffer injuries through no fault of their own and as result of someone else’s fault, for example as a passenger in Motor vehicle that suffers a crash. If... read more

Why Latimer Lee Supports Mediation

Why Latimer Lee Supports Mediation   Legal disputes can be stressful and costly; lodging an application with the Court is not the only way to resolve a dispute and really ought to be considered as a last resort.   Mediation is a mechanism for parties, assisted by a trained mediator, to seek an outcome for... read more


When considering entering into litigation it is always important to consider the value of the claim that you are bringing.  The value of the claim has an impact on the recoverability of any legal costs that you incur in obtaining advice and representation.  It has usually been the case that for most debt matters and... read more

Safety Obligations Owed to Visiting Contractors

The safety laws place strict obligations on companies to provide safe workplaces for their employees. However, some companies mistakenly believe that the obligations to provide a safe workplace do not extend to contractors, such as electricians, plumbers or window cleaners, who may be working for a short time in their factory or offices.  This was... read more

Parking Your Car On A Busy Road

It is probably something that we have all done. You park your car on a busy road leading in to a town centre, perhaps because there is no alternative parking near by, and you need to get something from the rear of your car. The road being busy results in a line of cars queuing... read more

Personal Liability of Company Directors for Accidents

The general rule is that directors of companies are not liable at civil law to pay compensation to employees for injuries suffered as a result of accidents that happen at work. However, this general rule was not followed in the court case of Berisha v DSM Trading and Collier. DSM Trading went into financial hard... read more

Strict Liability of Employers For Defective Equipment

The civil case of Johnstone v Amec Construction Limited (2010) shows the strict interpretation of the health and safety laws by the courts. Mr Johnstone suffered injury to his leg in an accident whilst working as a security guard for Amec Construction Limited. Mr Johnstone tripped over a metal barrier that had been blown down... read more