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Will & Lasting Power of Attorney


THE LAW COMMISSION SEEKS TO UPDATE THE LAW OF WILLS The outdated law of wills needs an overhaul according to the Law Commission. The independent body say that Victorian laws, out of step with the modern world, are failing to protect the vulnerable – and not allowing others to distribute their cherished possessions after they’ve gone.... read more

Wills and Probate Team Expands

Today we welcome Debbie Leventhall to our Wills and Probate Team. Debbie qualified as a Solicitor in September 2011 and joined Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited in April 2017 as a Solicitor in the Wills and Probate Department. Debbie is a member of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners). This allows her to keep up... read more

Under Threat and Under Duress: Will Disputes

The drafting of wills ought to offer a prospective testator with peace of mind. The fact that their estate will be administered in accordance with their wishes after their passing is obviously reassuring. The finality of death prompts testators to place these wishes with appointed executors, whom they trust to obey their instructions, but what... read more

Who do you want to inherit your estate?

Who do you want to inherit your estate? Unlike many countries around the world the UK gives you what is known as ‘Testamentary freedom’ when making your Will. Basically you are free to leave your assets to whoever you wish, with no restrictions. You can also elect for your English Will to cover assets within... read more

Lasting Power of Attorney

Losing the capacity to make decisions for yourself,  has become an increasing issue in the UK and around the world. As life expectancy has risen in recent generations, it has sadly meant that issues like age related Dementia have become a more pressing problem (See this article for some statistics about the UK Although... read more

Being an Executor – How prepared are you…..?

Acting as an Executor is probably something most people will never have to do.  If they are appointed, it will usually be for a family member or close friend, perhaps once in their life.  Sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, how much do you know about the job an Executor has to do and what you... read more

Being a dementia friend

Dementia friends are an initiative run by The Alzheimer’s Society.  They help you to understand and learn what it is actually like to live with dementia and the small ways in which you can help. Information sessions are held locally that are run by dementia friend champions who are trained and supported by The Alzheimer’s... read more

How to achieve Boredom out of Brexit…

It is said that there is an ancient Chinese curse of ‘may you live in interesting times’, a polite way to wish an enemy a life of uncertainly, trouble and difficulty. Boredom and routine presumably being a much more preferable way to spend your life. The true origins of the phrase are much more likely... read more


What is the current position?   Inheritance tax is a form of tax which has to be paid when a person dies and was introduced in 1986. However, having to pay money when you die is not a modern day concept, and it has been necessary for estates to pay a death duty since 1796.... read more

New Head of Private Client Department

Ed Worrall has recently joined the Ramsbottom office of Latimer Lee as the Head of the Private Client Department. Ed is a  qualified Solicitor with many years experience of advising clients on Wills, Probate and Estate Administration, Powers of Attorney as well as Tax advice.  In addition he is a full member of the Society... read more