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Japanese Knotweed is an invasive species of plant, originally introduced as an ornamental plant. If left untreated it can cause physical damage to property.  However, it can be successfully treated and eradicated – although, depending on how invasively the knotweed is established, this can be both difficult and expensive, and repeated treatments over years may potentially be... read more

Wills and Probate Team Expands

Today we welcome Debbie Leventhall to our Wills and Probate Team. Debbie qualified as a Solicitor in September 2011 and joined Latimer Lee LLP in April 2017 as a Solicitor in the Wills and Probate Department. Debbie is a member of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners). This allows her to keep up to... read more

Letting Fees

GOVERNMENT CONSULTATION – ABOLITION OF LETTING FEES On 10th April 2017 the Government began an eight week consultation over its proposal to abolish letting agent fees payable by tenants. Tenants often have to pay these fees before moving into a house or a flat.  The fees are supposed to cover expenses like the preparation of... read more

THIRD of Cohabitants believed they had the same rights as married couples

Cohabiting couples want a change in the law and to be afforded the same legal rights as their married counterparts to prevent ‘unfair’ settlements should their relationship breakdown, a new survey has revealed. YouGov surveyed more than 1,000 cohabiting couples across the UK in an effort to highlight the need for legislative change. Only 14%... read more


Since 1980, council tenants, and former council tenants whose properties have been transferred to housing associations, have had the right to buy their homes from their landlord at a significant discount. The scheme remains popular. In the last four years, over fifty thousand families have used their Right to Buy to become home owners. Now,... read more

School Fees Orders

The responsibility of choosing the most appropriate school for your child is huge and is often one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. For some, a decision fairly early on will have been made with regard to private education. The cost of which can be eye watering. So what happens... read more

Here come the girls…

I just wanted to take a moment in this blog to appreciate how unique and awesome Latimer Lee LLP actually is! I’m not going to apologise but I will give you fair warning that there is definitely a feminist angle to this.  Ugh your eye rolls are almost audible but please don’t stop reading!  I’m... read more

Water Meters

Since 1990, every new home has been fitted with a water meter, but water meters can also be fitted to newer properties. The water companies say that people who live on their own, have a small family, or live in a house with a high rateable value, may be able to save money on their... read more

Order for financial provision for a child

The majority of parents will be able to resolve questions about financial support for their children by reference to the Child Maintenance Services (CMS) formerly CSA. Even if the CMS is not formally instructed to calculate child support, the formulas they apply will indicate for most families an appropriate level of financial provision.   There... read more

My Nightmare Tenants

We act for a lot of landlords and we all know that the law protects the tenant and if Teresa May has her way, tenants will have even more protection. Unfortunately, many tenants know how to ‘play the system’ and they stop paying rent, they steal the Housing Benefit by having it paid directly to... read more