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Death Taxes to Soar?

The Government is considering proposals to change the charging structure of obtaining Probate after the death of a relative. Ministers are planning to replace the flat rate fee of £215 with an escalating fee which would rise to £20,000 for an estate of £2m. Even a more modest estate of £300,000 would see the Probate... read more

What to Include in a Cohabitation Agreement

If the Cohabitation Agreement is confined to matters dealing with property and money and certain conditions are met, they are more likely to be held as binding. A Cohabitation Agreement should be in the form of a Deed, in order to show consideration and the intention to create legal relations. What to include in a... read more

Unmarried Couples and Property Issues

When an unmarried couple buy a house and start living together they might assume that sharing a mortgage is commitment enough. But the law sees things differently and two people living together do not enjoy the same legal benefits as married ones. Family solicitor Sam Sansoya, of Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited Solicitors, said it was... read more

Make a Will and Support 9 Charities

Will Aid 2015 is a simple way to make your Will and support nine great charities. A donation of £90 will help change the lives of people in the UK and around the world. Make a Will and Support Charity Now >> Help yourself and charity this November 2015 Having your Will written professionally by... read more

Daughter wins £164,000 after battle over Will

Court of appeal increases Heather Ilott’s share of inheritance after she fell out with her mother, who left her entire estate to three animal charities. After a decade-long legal fight with three animal welfare charities over her mother’s decision to cut her out of any inheritance, a poverty-stricken daughter has finally been awarded £164,000 by... read more

Assured short hold tenancies (AST) Now have to be Protected

Notice to all Landlords! As all Landlords should be aware, all assured short hold tenancies (AST) which began on or after 6 April 2007 now have to be protected under a tenancy deposit scheme (TDS). In previous cases, it has been unclear what a landlord needed to do with a deposit of an AST’s or... read more

The Effect of Japanese Knotweed

Spring provides an ideal time to enjoy plants budding in gardens. Japanese Knotweed, a pernicious plant (Fallopia Japonica), lies dormant in winter and in spring its reddish-pink buds begin to sprout. Once summer arrives it can grow a foot a week and start suffocating and strangling all other plant life in its vicinity. The bamboo-like... read more

Will Aid – Current Total for Charity

We are very proud to be a part of Will Aid, a simple way to make your Will and support nine well deserving charities. We have currently raised £17,718. If you would like to donate and have us write your Will whilst doing so, please contact us on 0161 797 4000 and ask us about... read more

Red Flags: Have you been a victim of unsuitable investment advice?

The financial services industry relies upon formidable appearances, seemingly complex products and massive bureaucracy to line their pockets, but you would be mistaken to assume that they are completely impervious. The recent spike in Financial Conduct Authority findings against the banks demonstrates the need for a crackdown on the supposedly ‘specialist’ advisers, who have been... read more

£28,000,000 of Financial Injustice

Last year, Lloyds Banking Group was fined £28,000,000 by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) after pressuring its staff to sell stock market-linked products that were unsuitable for its customers. The real victims here, however, are not the staff but the customers who were mis-sold investments and have seen their savings dwindle as a result of... read more