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Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited raise money for Will Aid

Click on link Will week Latimer Lee Solicitors LimitedUSA read more

Polygamous Marriages

Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts v Yemoh [2010] EWCH 3727 (Ch) The Court was asked to consider the way in which the Intestacy Rules work in relation to polygamous marriages.  The deceased had died Intestate, domiciled in Ghana and owned various properties, including property in England.  He was married to six women and the... read more

Parking Your Car On A Busy Road

It is probably something that we have all done. You park your car on a busy road leading in to a town centre, perhaps because there is no alternative parking near by, and you need to get something from the rear of your car. The road being busy results in a line of cars queuing... read more

Surrogacy: the risks

Although surrogacy has been ongoing for many years it has recently become more acceptable possibly due to celebrities such as Elton John and Nicole Kidman confirming that they have successfully used surrogacy in order to expand their families. The recently published case of TT (Re TT (Surrogacy) [2011] EWHC 33 (FAM)) has received national press,... read more

Personal Liability of Company Directors for Accidents

The general rule is that directors of companies are not liable at civil law to pay compensation to employees for injuries suffered as a result of accidents that happen at work. However, this general rule was not followed in the court case of Berisha v DSM Trading and Collier. DSM Trading went into financial hard... read more

Strict Liability of Employers For Defective Equipment

The civil case of Johnstone v Amec Construction Limited (2010) shows the strict interpretation of the health and safety laws by the courts. Mr Johnstone suffered injury to his leg in an accident whilst working as a security guard for Amec Construction Limited. Mr Johnstone tripped over a metal barrier that had been blown down... read more


Long established clients of Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited who had traded as a partnership for over 30 years and held a large portfolio of commercial properties took specialist tax accountants’ advice to incorporate an off shore company (the Isle of Man) to reduce their personal income tax and potential Inheritance Tax liabilities, by transferring their... read more

I am not sure whether my parents made a Will?

This is a question that we face on a weekly basis and with our assistance we may be able to ascertain as to whether a Will has indeed been drawn up and locate its whereabouts. National Savings & Investments carried out a survey of 2664 people, which revealed the following:- More than a third of... read more

The New Family Procedure Rules 2010

On 6th April 2011 the Family Procedure Rules 2010 come into effect.  The new Rules are a single consolidation of all other rules in relation to family proceedings. The principal rules being replaced are the Family Proceedings Rules 1991, the Family Procedure (Adoption) Rules 2005 and, in so far as they relate to family proceedings,... read more

Great North Run – Yorkshire Cancer Research

Malcolm Trotter head of the Personal Injury department of Latimer Lee Solicitors is running the Great North Run in September for Yorkshire cancer Research.  Mr Trotter is looking to raise £250 for this fantastic cause.  If you would like to donate some money please click on the link below. read more