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House prices fall 0.9% in February Halifax Report

UK house prices fell by 0.9% in February compared with the previous month, cancelling out a rise in January, the Halifax has said. The lender, now part of Lloyds Banking Group, said that year-on-year prices had dropped by 2.8% in February. This meant the typical home in the UK now costs £162,657. The uncertain economic... read more

Liability for Work “Fun” Day

The recent Court of Appeal case of Robert Lee Uren v Corporate Leisure (UK) Limited and the Ministry of Defence demonstrated that an employer cannot simply “pass the buck” of responsibility for the safety of its employees to an organiser of an event. Mr Uren was a senior aircraftman in the RAF who was seriously... read more

House prices almost double

House prices almost doubled in a decade Halifax survey shows house prices rose by 91% from 2000, but the average salary increased only by 40% No wonder first-time buyers can’t afford a home: house prices rose by 91% in the past decade, with the national average rising by more than £78,000, according to data released... read more

Slipping and Tripping Accidents at Work

10,000 Employees Seriously Injured in Slipping and Tripping Accidents at Work Some sectors of the media have attempted to trivialize health and safety, and, for example, attempt to argue that that it is too onerous to carry out risk assessments before commencing a new task in a workplace, whether it be a shop, construction site... read more

Road Traffic Accidents in Lancashire

Lancashire is above the national average for the number of people per 1,000 population that are killed or seriously injured in road traffic accidents. The Department For Transport’s data on road traffic accidents occurring during 2009 is that in the 14 local authorities in Lancashire 852 people were killed or seriously injured, that is, more... read more

WILL AID Charity Scheme 2011

Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited took part in November 2010’s WILL AID Campaign, foregoing our usual fee for preparing a Will, and instead asked our clients to make donations to WILL AID.  The monies donated to WILL AID are distributedamong the British Red Cross, Christian Aid, Age UK, NSPCC, Save The Children UK and other major... read more

Make A Will Week

At Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited we welcome the opportunity to take part in Will Week, not only do we wish to raise awareness of the importance of making a Will but we also wish to support our Local Charities. Use Will Week to get your affairs in order, whilst helping to support the patients and... read more

Carer case involving Kumari Murphy (carer) and Nicholas Rayner dismissed

Mr Rayner, a former Army officer who worked forSotheby’s met Mrs Murphy in 1995 after he suffered a stroke.  Mrs Murphy claims that she cared for Mr Rayner (now 74 years old) for 12 years without pay but it seems as though she has lied and was in fact being paid up to £400 per... read more

Radmacher Article

The Radmacher case has been highlighted in the news recently as the case which has changed matrimonial law. In order to understand the case it is important to have a brief outline of the history. The parties met in November 1997 in London when they were both in their 20s. Ms Radmacher came from a... read more

Advice on Gas Appliances

If a plumber or gas fitter visits your home to do work on a gas appliance always ask to see their Gas Safe identification card. Anyone who is employed to work on gas appliances in houses and flats must be Gas Safe registered.... read more