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Child Arrangements Order

A child arrangements order confirms where a child will live and with whom, and when they will spend time with a person or people other than those they normally live with, this is usually the non-resident parent, although can include grandparents and other relatives.   The court will make a child arrangements order if parents... read more

Children Proceedings: First Hearing Dispute Resolution Appointment

The first court hearing for most applications about children will be a First Hearing Dispute Resolution Appointment (FHDRA). The purpose of the FHDRA is to help the parties resolve some or all of the issues in the dispute, and to manage any unresolved matters through to a resolution. Before the FHDRA, an officer from the... read more

A balance within debt recovery

Working in Litigation, especially where previous clients are concerned, can be difficult at times; you must remain professional at all times but also have the right balance of assertiveness. It is important to establish your intentions early on, be clear and concise and always be 100% transparent. Within the many areas of Debt collection I’ve... read more

Curtailing the rights of compensation for injury to members of the armed forces; Right or wrong?

A new consultation paper is being published by the Ministry of Defence in February 2017 which will outline plans to widen the principle of ‘Combat Immunity’. Combat Immunity provides an exemption from legal liability for members of the armed forces and government. New proposals being outlined advocate for Combat Immunity to apply to all claims... read more

Land Disputes

The Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 (ToLATA) gives courts certain powers to resolve disputes about the ownership of land. The dispute may relate to the legal or beneficial ownership of the property. There are two main types of application that can be made under ToLATA to resolve disputes about land. These... read more

Chief Rent – Guilty as Rentcharged

If you are the owner of a leasehold property, you expect to pay a ground rent. But some freeholds – mostly in Manchester and Somerset – have to pay the equivalent of ground rent, known as “rentcharge” or “chief rent” Not a problem if you pay your rentcharge each year – it’s rarely more than... read more

Online Divorce Court Selected

Online Divorce Court Selected The East Midlands Divorce Centre based in Nottingham will be the first Family Court in the country to trial the Government’s pilot online divorce scheme. The pilot will focus on uncontested divorces; i.e. straightforward cases where the parties are able to agree without the intervention of the Court. At Latimer Lee... read more

Help to Buy ISAs explained

In late 2015, the government launched the Help to Buy ISA scheme, which will provide house-hunters with a boost toward their cash deposit if they are able to meet a suitable level of saving. Everything you need to know about Help to Buy ISAs What is a Help to Buy ISA? This all new type... read more

Nine steps for a stress free house move…

Moving house is notorious for being one of the most stressful experiences you can go through; the effort that goes into it, along with it being a huge life change, can feel incredibly overwhelming. That said, with some careful planning and preparation, moving house doesn’t need to be so scary. The best course of action... read more

Lambing Season

If you’re living or have just moved to a rural area pretty soon you’ll begin to see sheep and their lambs frolicking about in the British Spring sunshine or rain as the case is more likely to be.  Like humans the sheep will have been scanned to establish how many lambs the sheep are carrying. ... read more