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My ex hasn’t responded to mediation – what do I do now?

Mediators will try and contact the other party via post, telephone or email and usually a 7 day period is provided to give the other party the opportunity to consider matters. In the event that no response is received, it will be assumed that they don’t want to participate in mediation and therefore mediation is... read more

Flood Reports

Why should you obtain a flood report when buying a property? In June 2009, the Environment Agency published its report ‘Flooding in England’ which estimated that 5.2 million properties in England were at risk from one or more sources of flooding. This equates to 1 in 6 homes. The winter storms in 2015 and early2016... read more

Japanese Knotweed

The Effect of Japanese Knotweed Spring provides an ideal time to enjoy plants budding in gardens. Japanese Knotweed, a pernicious plant (Fallopia Japonica), lies dormant in winter and in spring its reddish-pink buds begin to sprout. Once summer arrives it can grow a foot a week and start suffocating and strangling all other plant life... read more

Divorce and Budget

When divorcing, one of the key documents to complete is a budget; setting out projected living expenses. One of the most important principles is that of ‘need’ when it comes to the matrimonial finances; and a comprehensive list of household expenditure is necessary in order to help reach a financial settlement. Going through a divorce... read more

Who do you want to inherit your estate?

Who do you want to inherit your estate? Unlike many countries around the world the UK gives you what is known as ‘Testamentary freedom’ when making your Will. Basically you are free to leave your assets to whoever you wish, with no restrictions. You can also elect for your English Will to cover assets within... read more

Separated Parents Information Programme

Where an application to the Court has been made with regard to children matters, the Court in all circumstances will consider referring the parties to the Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP) at the earliest opportunity. The Court therefore has the ability to Order attendance and will usually ask the service provider to monitor attendance and... read more

Solar Panels

Buying a freehold property with Solar Panels Solar panels may be a feature on some right to buy properties where there are a number of issues to look at, some of which are outlined below. You need to firstly consider the ownership of the panels. Are they owned outright by the seller? If so then this... read more

Lasting Power of Attorney

Losing the capacity to make decisions for yourself,  has become an increasing issue in the UK and around the world. As life expectancy has risen in recent generations, it has sadly meant that issues like age related Dementia have become a more pressing problem (See this article for some statistics about the UK Although... read more

Planning Permission

Is Planning Permission required? Planning permission is usually a requirement if you wish to do one of the following: Change the use of the building in question Change the building considerably, for example an extension to the kitchen Build an entirely new building If you are unsure if planning permission is required, contact your local... read more

Legal Aid Changes

“The full effect of the Legal Aid changes are now coming to the fore”. Following the severe reduction in a persons ability to claim Legal Aid, following the LASPO Act, a Litigant in Person (LIP)  is now far more likely to be seen in Court than they were in previous years. The Personal Support Unit,... read more