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From 1st April 2018, landlords of privately rented domestic and non-domestic property in England or Wales must ensure that their properties reach at least an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of E before granting a new tenancy to new or existing tenants. These requirements will then apply to all private rented properties in England and... read more


On 1st April, the rules relating to Stamp Duty on property purchases change in Wales, as Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) ceases to apply in Wales and a new Land Transaction Tax (LTT) is introduced.   LTT has a different set of rate bands from SDLT – for properties under £400,000 the amount of tax... read more


FIRE SAFETY – AND SERVICE CHARGES Following a tribunal decision, flat-owners in apartment blocks with cladding similar to Grenfell Tower are likely to have to pay the cost of essential improvements to the properties. Leaseholders in the “Fresh” building in Salford went to the tribunal to try and stop the freeholder from making them pay... read more

Living in a Conservation Area

Conservation areas exist to protect the special architectural and historic interest of a place – in other words the features that make it unique and distinctive. Do you live in a conservation area? Find out if you live in a conservation area by contacting your local planning authority or checking its website. They will be able to tell... read more

Divorce Day

‘Divorce Day’ refers to the first Monday that everyone returns fully to work, a day when family lawyers reportedly receive an influx of enquiries from people wanting to separate. Many couples, particularly those with children, may not want to split up before Christmas, a time when families get together; many waiting until after this time... read more

Jewish Transgender Father wins Appeal

Judge hearing the matter must act as a ‘judicially reasonable parent’ The Court of Appeal has handed down judgment in a case that brings to the fore the tension between, what it termed, deeply discriminatory practices in isolated communities and the broadminded outlook of the modern world. Firmly rejecting any notion that discrimination should prevail... read more

Attention First Time Buyers!

In the Budget on 22 November 2017, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced a relief from stamp duty land tax (SDLT) for first time buyers. The relief will apply from 22 November 2017 to purchases of residential property for £500,000 or less, provided the purchaser intends to occupy the property as their only or main... read more

Home Buyers Consultation Underway

The Government has announced that it is gathering evidence on making the home buying process cheaper, faster and less stressful for buyers and sellers (of course, you could just instruct Latimer Lee). Sajid Javid, the Communities Secretary, said “We want to ensure that we address issues across the whole sector, from ways to tackle gazumping... read more

The Rise of The Digital Divorce

Married couples will soon be able to apply for a divorce online as part of a £1bn change to the justice system. The Ministry of Justice said the scheme, which was being tested at three sites in the UK, would be rolled out across the country to enable all uncontested divorces to be conducted using... read more

Burials at Home

Burials usually take place in purpose-designed cemeteries and churchyards, but there are some alternative burial options which can be considered. Wealthy families with large estates have, for centuries, built a mausoleum or burial chambers and vaults on their land, for the burial of a family member. According to Salford Council, the right to a private... read more


A new Pre-Action Protocol came into force on the 1st October 2017.  It applies to any business claiming a payment of a debt from an individual or a sole trader.  It does not apply to business-to-business debts.   The aim is to try and settle these matters before they get to Court and, given the... read more


  HALLOWEEN PROPERTY PURCHASE FAQs Q How do I know whether my house has been built on an ancient Native American Burial Ground? A    Latimer Lee will always carry out an Environmental Search on your behalf.  This will reveal potentially contaminative past uses, including graveyards. Q There are meat-hooks in the cellar.  Should I be... read more

Create Streets

The “Create Streets” organisation campaigns for “community-led regeneration and infill to create more homes and better places whilst protecting existing social housing”.  In other words, it wants people to live in traditional houses in traditional towns and cities. This week it publishes a report that: In London, buyers prefer areas with “high intersection density”, ie... read more


Under The Welfare of Animals (Transport) (England) Order 2006, and The Welfare of Animals (Transport) (Wales) Order 2007, you must not transport an animal in a way that causes, or is likely to cause, injury or unnecessary suffering to that animal.   It is also important that a dog is suitably restrained in a vehicle... read more

Irretrievable Breakdown and Divorce Petitions

The Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 (MCA 1973), s 1(1) provides that there is only one ground for divorce, namely that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. Irretrievable breakdown can further be proved by one of five facts available (MCA 1973, s1(2)): adultery unreasonable behaviour desertion two years separation with consent five years separation The majority... read more

New Build Boom

The number of new build homes that have started to be built has surged to the highest level since 2008, as shown by figures released in August. The latest housebuilding data shows that 164,960 new homes were started in the year to June 2017, up 13% on the previous year, and have increased by more than three-quarters... read more

Marriage vs Cohabitation

The debate as to whether legal status should be afforded to cohabiting couples is one that continues to rumble on. The fastest growing family type is cohabiting couple families, increasing from 1.5 million to 3.3 million families between 1996 and 2016; according to statistics. Yet there remains widespread ignorance about the legal status of cohabiting... read more

New proposals to deal with problem ground rents

In recent months the problem of unfair increases in leasehold ground rents has been highlighted. Many houses, especially in the North West, have been built and sold as leasehold over the past hundred years – with traditional leases it is unusual for the ground rent to increase.  However, this is not the case for brand... read more

Woman Granted Permission to Challenge Consent Order

Ms Birch has been granted permission to challenge the terms of her Consent Order, made prior to her divorce, by the Supreme Court. Consent Orders set out the detail of the financial settlement reached between former spouses; as approved by the Court. The Order as it stands contained provision for the matrimonial home to be... read more


THE LAW COMMISSION SEEKS TO UPDATE THE LAW OF WILLS The outdated law of wills needs an overhaul according to the Law Commission. The independent body say that Victorian laws, out of step with the modern world, are failing to protect the vulnerable – and not allowing others to distribute their cherished possessions after they’ve gone.... read more

Scam Awareness Month

July is scam awareness month.  Scams affect millions of people a year, this month the Citizens Advice and Trading Standards Services are running campaigns nationally and locally to help consumers identify scams. Scams and frauds can often be hard to spot.  Scams generally involve complex psychological tricks so if you are not sure whether something... read more


From a conveyancing point of view, there are three aspects to this question: The Survey.  When you are buying a property you have a choice of (a) a full structural survey (b) a Home Buyer report or (c) a mortgage valuation.  The full structural survey provides you with more information (and is more expensive) than... read more

Government Announces Draft Domestic Violence and Domestic Abuse Bill

Outlined in the Queen’s Speech, the Government has committed to bringing forward legislation “to protect the victims of domestic violence and abuse”. The purpose of the Bill is to “transform our approach to domestic violence and abuse to ensure that victims have the confidence to come forward and report their experiences, being safe in the... read more

How will a Hung Parliament affect House Prices?

How will a Hung Parliament affect House Prices? Following the recent 2017 election which has resulted in a Hung Parliament and a Conservative DUP coalition experts have warned that House Prices and Britain’s Housing market is set for further uncertainty.   A hung parliament means that no single party managed to win the 326 seats needed... read more

Short vs Long Marriage and The Impact on Finances?

The Court delivered a long awaited judgment in the case of Sharp and Sharp on 13th June and some would argue that it goes further to give couples ‘more to bicker about’ . Mrs Sharp, a successful City Trader, successfully challenged a divorce judgment which awarded her ex-husband of only four years £2.7m. But does... read more

Flying Freeholds

A flying freehold refers to freehold property built over land which does not form part of the property. It is used to describe the situation where a freehold property overhangs or projects out from underneath.   According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, examples of flying freeholds are found in all types of buildings... read more

Remarriage and Financial Implications

Your big day is fast approaching and your ex-spouse a distant memory. You know that you can remarry because you have received your Decree Absolute which legally and formally brings your marriage to an end. There’s nothing to worry about. Or is there? Potentially there is. If at the time you and your ex-spouse did... read more


At Latimer Lee we keep a close eye on the terms and conditions of leases.   Recently we have noticed that new leasehold properties are tending to have shorter leases and sharper  increases in ground rent. Unfair leasehold terms and rapidly increasing ground rents have been the subject of much recent media, political and industry criticism,... read more


Japanese Knotweed is an invasive species of plant, originally introduced as an ornamental plant. If left untreated it can cause physical damage to property.  However, it can be successfully treated and eradicated – although, depending on how invasively the knotweed is established, this can be both difficult and expensive, and repeated treatments over years may potentially be... read more

Wills and Probate Team Expands

Today we welcome Debbie Leventhall to our Wills and Probate Team. Debbie qualified as a Solicitor in September 2011 and joined Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited in April 2017 as a Solicitor in the Wills and Probate Department. Debbie is a member of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners). This allows her to keep up... read more

Letting Fees

GOVERNMENT CONSULTATION – ABOLITION OF LETTING FEES On 10th April 2017 the Government began an eight week consultation over its proposal to abolish letting agent fees payable by tenants. Tenants often have to pay these fees before moving into a house or a flat.  The fees are supposed to cover expenses like the preparation of... read more

THIRD of Cohabitants believed they had the same rights as married couples

Cohabiting couples want a change in the law and to be afforded the same legal rights as their married counterparts to prevent ‘unfair’ settlements should their relationship breakdown, a new survey has revealed. YouGov surveyed more than 1,000 cohabiting couples across the UK in an effort to highlight the need for legislative change. Only 14%... read more


Since 1980, council tenants, and former council tenants whose properties have been transferred to housing associations, have had the right to buy their homes from their landlord at a significant discount. The scheme remains popular. In the last four years, over fifty thousand families have used their Right to Buy to become home owners. Now,... read more

School Fees Orders

The responsibility of choosing the most appropriate school for your child is huge and is often one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. For some, a decision fairly early on will have been made with regard to private education. The cost of which can be eye watering. So what happens... read more

Here come the girls…

I just wanted to take a moment in this blog to appreciate how unique and awesome Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited actually is! I’m not going to apologise but I will give you fair warning that there is definitely a feminist angle to this.  Ugh your eye rolls are almost audible but please don’t stop reading! ... read more

Water Meters

Since 1990, every new home has been fitted with a water meter, but water meters can also be fitted to newer properties. The water companies say that people who live on their own, have a small family, or live in a house with a high rateable value, may be able to save money on their... read more

Order for financial provision for a child

The majority of parents will be able to resolve questions about financial support for their children by reference to the Child Maintenance Services (CMS) formerly CSA. Even if the CMS is not formally instructed to calculate child support, the formulas they apply will indicate for most families an appropriate level of financial provision.   There... read more

My Nightmare Tenants

We act for a lot of landlords and we all know that the law protects the tenant and if Teresa May has her way, tenants will have even more protection. Unfortunately, many tenants know how to ‘play the system’ and they stop paying rent, they steal the Housing Benefit by having it paid directly to... read more

Whiplash Reforms

The Government has made an announcement for reforms for low-value personal injury claims. For claims arising from road traffic accidents the Small Claims Limit will rise from £1,000 to £5,000 whereas the limit for employers’ liability and public liability claims will rise to £2,000. What does this mean? If injuries fall within the Small Claims... read more

Help To Buy – can I still use it, or has it finished?

Yes, Help to Buy is still available. Help To Buy is the name which the government uses for various different schemes aimed at helping people up the property ladder. One of these schemes was called the Mortgage Guarantee scheme. You can no longer apply for a mortgage under this scheme, though existing mortgages are not... read more

Child Arrangements Order

A child arrangements order confirms where a child will live and with whom, and when they will spend time with a person or people other than those they normally live with, this is usually the non-resident parent, although can include grandparents and other relatives.   The court will make a child arrangements order if parents... read more

Children Proceedings: First Hearing Dispute Resolution Appointment

The first court hearing for most applications about children will be a First Hearing Dispute Resolution Appointment (FHDRA). The purpose of the FHDRA is to help the parties resolve some or all of the issues in the dispute, and to manage any unresolved matters through to a resolution. Before the FHDRA, an officer from the... read more

A balance within debt recovery

Working in Litigation, especially where previous clients are concerned, can be difficult at times; you must remain professional at all times but also have the right balance of assertiveness. It is important to establish your intentions early on, be clear and concise and always be 100% transparent. Within the many areas of Debt collection I’ve... read more

Curtailing the rights of compensation for injury to members of the armed forces; Right or wrong?

A new consultation paper is being published by the Ministry of Defence in February 2017 which will outline plans to widen the principle of ‘Combat Immunity’. Combat Immunity provides an exemption from legal liability for members of the armed forces and government. New proposals being outlined advocate for Combat Immunity to apply to all claims... read more

Land Disputes

The Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 (ToLATA) gives courts certain powers to resolve disputes about the ownership of land. The dispute may relate to the legal or beneficial ownership of the property. There are two main types of application that can be made under ToLATA to resolve disputes about land. These... read more

Chief Rent – Guilty as Rentcharged

If you are the owner of a leasehold property, you expect to pay a ground rent. But some freeholds – mostly in Manchester and Somerset – have to pay the equivalent of ground rent, known as “rentcharge” or “chief rent” Not a problem if you pay your rentcharge each year – it’s rarely more than... read more

Online Divorce Court Selected

Online Divorce Court Selected The East Midlands Divorce Centre based in Nottingham will be the first Family Court in the country to trial the Government’s pilot online divorce scheme. The pilot will focus on uncontested divorces; i.e. straightforward cases where the parties are able to agree without the intervention of the Court. At Latimer Lee... read more

Help to Buy ISAs explained

In late 2015, the government launched the Help to Buy ISA scheme, which will provide house-hunters with a boost toward their cash deposit if they are able to meet a suitable level of saving. Everything you need to know about Help to Buy ISAs What is a Help to Buy ISA? This all new type... read more

Nine steps for a stress free house move…

Moving house is notorious for being one of the most stressful experiences you can go through; the effort that goes into it, along with it being a huge life change, can feel incredibly overwhelming. That said, with some careful planning and preparation, moving house doesn’t need to be so scary. The best course of action... read more

Lambing Season

If you’re living or have just moved to a rural area pretty soon you’ll begin to see sheep and their lambs frolicking about in the British Spring sunshine or rain as the case is more likely to be.  Like humans the sheep will have been scanned to establish how many lambs the sheep are carrying. ... read more

Liability to repair a church

Since Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries some properties come with a liability to contribute to the repair of the chancel of a Church.  This applies to all types of property and can be a significant liability. Until the 13th October 2013 this liability passed with the land even if not mentioned anywhere in the... read more

Friday Afternoon Fraud – What you can do to protect yourself

The process of buying a house can be stressful enough and other than waiting to collect the keys on the day of completion there is nothing worse than when the moment comes to transfer your hard earned cash to your solicitor’s bank account.   Yes the wait to hear from your solicitor to confirm that... read more

Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership homes offer an affordable way of getting on the property ladder. The scheme is normally run through a Housing Association, who will own the freehold and you will then purchase a share i.e. 25%, 50% and 75% and pay a rent on the remaining share to the Housing Association.  By doing this you... read more

How To Defeat Claims For Rights Of Way

Landowners can find themselves in a situation whereby a third party claims to have a legal right of way over their land on the basis that that third party has used the land before, perhaps to get from A to B. The legal position is that the third party is able to legally obtain right... read more

‘Twas the night before Christmas….

….when all through the house Not a creature was stirring…but what’s that? A mouse? Time for a word about the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949! Pests? What, like six-year-old kids too excited to get to sleep? “The occupier of any land shall give to the local authority forthwith notice in writing if it... read more


Yes, Virginia, there is a tenuous Christmas-related punchline. When you buy a home, we carry out various searches, and among these are the environmental search and – if your home is in a mining or former mining area  – a mining search. The mining search will show if your property is likely to be at... read more

Living Together

The Office of National Statistics figures indicate that more of us are living together, rather than marrying. We look at the practical implications and more importantly the myths. There is an increasing trend, particularly among young people, to live together as an alternative to marriage. The most recent statistics show that 9.5% of those in... read more

Auction Property

The Perils of buying at auction whether it be ‘that’ dress or ‘that’ house!   Every girl knows that sinking feeling when they are invited to the party of the century, champagne will be flowing, the cute guy you like is going to be there and for once in your life, thanks to the regimented... read more

Sealed Bids

Help!  They want me to put in a sealed bid! Putting an offer in on a house is nerve-wracking at the best of times.   But making a sealed bid can be even more so. Our Conveyancing department has the following tips: Remember, your sealed bid is not binding.  The title still has to be investigated... read more

Resolution and Me

I’m a proud member of Resolution, a community of family justice professionals who work with families and individuals to resolve issues in a constructive way. Resolution membership is about the approach I take to my work. This means that as a Resolution member, I will always seek to reduce or manage any conflict and confrontation,... read more

The Importance of Home Insurance (and Shoes!)

Imagine you’ve found the perfect pair of Louboutin shoes.   The bright red soles that shine the red of holly berries as you walk with its slim stiletto and classic pointed toe.  Now imagine that you make the momentous decision to spend £455.00 to buy them.  You make all kinds of promises to yourself; about how... read more

Mediation and Litigation

The litigation department have just completed a marathon mediation for a Claimant against insurers lasting 13 hours.  The claim settled at 9.30pm for a six figure sum. The parties had started off very far apart but thanks to an excellent mediator and belief in the process; it was a great outcome for the client. Mediation,... read more

Compensation Caps

Proposals to cut rights to claim? Motorists may soon see their car insurance premiums reduced because plans are now being drawn up cut compensation for whiplash injuries claims in England and Wales. Whiplash claims have risen by 50% over the past decade, costing insurance companies around £1bn a year. The government said insurers have pledged... read more

HS2 and Searches

HS2 – The Importance of Searches When Buying a Property When a buyer decides to buy a house, the first thing that they worry about is “Can I afford it?”  The next question is “When can I move in?” It is down to the solicitor or conveyancer looking after the buyer’s purchase to ask the... read more


CONVEYANCING?  IT’S A PIECE OF CAKE FOR LATIMER LEE If you were to ask me to tell you the secrets of Conveyancing,   I couldn’t.   It would take years and years – and before I finished telling you, the rules would have changed. What I will do – given the time of year – is illustrate... read more

Unoccupied Properties feel the effects of the cold weather too!

Precautions to take, with unoccupied properties, before the harsh winter weather arrives: – Repair any dripping taps. – Arrange for someone to check the property regularly throughout and cold spells. – Check the insulation on pipes and water tanks especially those in the loft. – If the central heating system is kept on a timer... read more

Injunction / Non-Molestation Orders

The word ‘injunction’ describes any court order that makes someone act or forbids someone from acting in a certain way. An emergency injunction is the informal description for a court order made without notice to the other person ( ex parte) . In plain English this means that the person you are applying for an injunction against... read more

Joint Tenancy and Tenants in Common – What is the difference?

Joint Tenancy and Tenants in Common are forms of co-ownership or concurrent interests in a property where two or more people enjoy property or an interest in it. In its simplest form the main difference is that joint tenancy involves the right of survivorship.  So, if one of the joint tenants were to die that... read more

Do I have to tell my buyer about the ghosts?

Everyone knows that “Caveat Emptor” – “buyer beware” applies to house sales, so that if the buyers or their solicitors don’t ask about a potential problem, the sellers don’t have to mention it.  Right? Wrong.  The Consumer Protection regulations now apply to Conveyancing transactions.  These state that a “misleading omission” can be a criminal offence... read more

New Build Homes Guide

How to buy a new build home: step-by-step guide 1. Find a suitable development. Research the area, the local amenities and the developer’s track record. 2. Seek guidance from a mortgage adviser about how much you might be able to borrow. 3.Visit the show home or marketing suite and choose a property. Pay a reservation fee.... read more

Divorce – whose fault is it?

Divorce – whose fault is it? When a married couple want to separate and divorce, the law still requires that one party must allege that the other is at fault for a divorce to be granted by the Court. Interestingly, who has allegedly done this or that has little relevance to the issues in respect... read more

What should you consider when buying a house?

According to the House Price Index: Aug 2016 ( the average UK house price was £219,000.00 in August 2016, this is a huge £17,000 higher than in August 2015. The main contribution to the increase in UK house prices came from England, where house prices increased by 9.2% over the year to August 2016, with... read more

What are property searches?

One of the main parts of the conveyancing process is having searches carried out against the property in question. However it is not always clear why this is done and what the search results can show. There are three standard searches which a conveyancer will always carry out unless specifically instructed not to do so... read more

‘Rabbit hutch’ new-builds

Kumbuka the gorilla recently escaped from his enclosure at London Zoo and helped himself to 5 litres of undiluted blackcurrant cordial before being tranquilised and recaptured. Kumbuka and the two adults, one teenager and two babies in his family share a Regents Park apartment.  Unusually for Central London, their accommodation includes a gym and a very sizeable... read more

Who has Parental Responsibility?

Parental Responsibility is defined in s.3(1) Children Act 1989 as being: “all the rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority which by law a parent of a child has in relation to the child and his property”. The term Parental Responsibility attempts to focus on the parent’s duties towards their child rather than the parent’s rights over their child.... read more

Ignoring a MIAM

4/5 separating couples are ignoring the requirement to attend a MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) according to figures released by National Family Mediation. Since April 2014 it has been compulsory for a separating couple to attend a MIAM before applying for a court order in divorce proceedings. But data from a Freedom of Information... read more

Hate Crimes

In a world where people can hide behind their computer screens allowing people to become nameless, faceless figures with a sense of empowerment gained from the anonymity of letting your keyboard do the talking whilst cocooned inside the safety net of their home; it is no surprise that 2015-16 saw more hate crime prosecutions completed... read more

Buying and selling in a chain, what should I expect?

One of the most stressful experiences someone can go through (most would agree) is purchasing a property in a chain of other conveyancing transactions. It is definitely a good idea to ask the estate agent and your conveyancer to confirm at the outset of the process whether your purchase forms part of a chain and... read more

What are restrictive covenants and how do they affect the property I’m buying

During the process of a purchasing a property it is more likely than not that your conveyancer will bring your attention to the fact there are restrictive covenants affecting the property. But what are restrictive covenants and how will they affect you as the owner of that property?   A restrictive covenant is essentially a... read more

Under Threat and Under Duress: Will Disputes

The drafting of wills ought to offer a prospective testator with peace of mind. The fact that their estate will be administered in accordance with their wishes after their passing is obviously reassuring. The finality of death prompts testators to place these wishes with appointed executors, whom they trust to obey their instructions, but what... read more

My ex hasn’t responded to mediation – what do I do now?

Mediators will try and contact the other party via post, telephone or email and usually a 7 day period is provided to give the other party the opportunity to consider matters. In the event that no response is received, it will be assumed that they don’t want to participate in mediation and therefore mediation is... read more

Flood Reports

Why should you obtain a flood report when buying a property? In June 2009, the Environment Agency published its report ‘Flooding in England’ which estimated that 5.2 million properties in England were at risk from one or more sources of flooding. This equates to 1 in 6 homes. The winter storms in 2015 and early2016... read more

Japanese Knotweed

The Effect of Japanese Knotweed Spring provides an ideal time to enjoy plants budding in gardens. Japanese Knotweed, a pernicious plant (Fallopia Japonica), lies dormant in winter and in spring its reddish-pink buds begin to sprout. Once summer arrives it can grow a foot a week and start suffocating and strangling all other plant life... read more

Divorce and Budget

When divorcing, one of the key documents to complete is a budget; setting out projected living expenses. One of the most important principles is that of ‘need’ when it comes to the matrimonial finances; and a comprehensive list of household expenditure is necessary in order to help reach a financial settlement. Going through a divorce... read more

Who do you want to inherit your estate?

Who do you want to inherit your estate? Unlike many countries around the world the UK gives you what is known as ‘Testamentary freedom’ when making your Will. Basically you are free to leave your assets to whoever you wish, with no restrictions. You can also elect for your English Will to cover assets within... read more

Separated Parents Information Programme

Where an application to the Court has been made with regard to children matters, the Court in all circumstances will consider referring the parties to the Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP) at the earliest opportunity. The Court therefore has the ability to Order attendance and will usually ask the service provider to monitor attendance and... read more

Solar Panels

Buying a freehold property with Solar Panels Solar panels may be a feature on some right to buy properties where there are a number of issues to look at, some of which are outlined below. You need to firstly consider the ownership of the panels. Are they owned outright by the seller? If so then this... read more

Lasting Power of Attorney

Losing the capacity to make decisions for yourself,  has become an increasing issue in the UK and around the world. As life expectancy has risen in recent generations, it has sadly meant that issues like age related Dementia have become a more pressing problem (See this article for some statistics about the UK Although... read more

Planning Permission

Is Planning Permission required? Planning permission is usually a requirement if you wish to do one of the following: Change the use of the building in question Change the building considerably, for example an extension to the kitchen Build an entirely new building If you are unsure if planning permission is required, contact your local... read more

Legal Aid Changes

“The full effect of the Legal Aid changes are now coming to the fore”. Following the severe reduction in a persons ability to claim Legal Aid, following the LASPO Act, a Litigant in Person (LIP)  is now far more likely to be seen in Court than they were in previous years. The Personal Support Unit,... read more

Secrecy in the Family Court?

It is a central principle that the Family Court will maintain confidentiality and privacy for the families concerned; save in exceptional circumstances. The Family Court is coming under more pressure to become ‘more transparent’ with there being calls to open up the Family Court. Of course there is a balance to be stuck, with may... read more

Alzheimer’s UK Memory Walk

On 17th September staff at Latimer Lee will be partaking in the Alzheimer’s UK Memory Walk. Every year 225,000 people are diagnosed with Dementia and it is a cause which is close to our hearts. Our staff in our Private Client department are faced with the day to day reality of the disease. They understand... read more

Contaminated Land

Commercial and industrial activity may result in land becoming contaminated with substances which, if not properly dealt with, could pose a risk to public health or the environment. Land in England and Wales has a legacy of contaminants in soil, mainly caused by industrial and domestic pollution. Although most soils contain some contaminants, the levels... read more

Warning Issued by NSPCC Over Leaving Children Home Alone

As the summer holidays approach, the NSPCC issued a warning with regard to leaving children home alone. With the cost of child care rising and parents facing childcare problems; reports flood in from others concerned about children being left unattended by their parents in the holidays. The NSPCC says last summer its helpline received 453... read more

Being an Executor – How prepared are you…..?

Acting as an Executor is probably something most people will never have to do.  If they are appointed, it will usually be for a family member or close friend, perhaps once in their life.  Sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, how much do you know about the job an Executor has to do and what you... read more

Residential Conveyancing Made Easy

There are three stages to a Conveyancing matter: 1. Preliminary Matters, 2. Exchange and Pre-Completion and 3. Completion and Post-Completion Matters. The three stages are explained briefly  in the table below. Please note the order of the stages may vary as all cases are different. Preliminary Matters TAKING CLIENT’S INSTRUCTIONSDUE DILIGENCE CHECKS ON CLIENT’S IDENTITY... read more

Being a dementia friend

Dementia friends are an initiative run by The Alzheimer’s Society.  They help you to understand and learn what it is actually like to live with dementia and the small ways in which you can help. Information sessions are held locally that are run by dementia friend champions who are trained and supported by The Alzheimer’s... read more

Marriage Continues to Decline as Cohabitation Rises

The latest Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures tells us that just over 50% of the adult population are married. In England and Wales 23.8 million people were recorded as married in 2015. This was 50.6% of the population aged 16 and over. In 2002 married people amounted to 54.8% of the population aged 16... read more

I have a judgment but they still won’t pay?

You generally have 6 years to enforce a judgment, but this can be extended if payments are being made. Charging orders If the person who owes you money, owns a property or shares you can apply to court for a charging order. If the court makes an interim order it will then list the matter... read more

Increase in New Private Law Cases

New private law cases received by Cafcass in June up 6% on a year ago. According to Family Law Week; 3,599 new private law cases received in June. In June 2016, Cafcass (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) received a total of 3,599 new private law cases.  This is a 6% increase on... read more

Guidance on financial needs on divorce published

The Family Justice Council (FJC) has published guidance on financial needs on divorce aimed both at Courts and legal advisers. The guide has been produced by the Financial Needs Working Group, chaired by Mrs Justice Roberts, of the Family Justice Council and is addressed primarily to courts and legal advisers.  It has been drafted as a... read more

Mortgage Credit Directive and Certificate of Title

The Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) was implemented in the UK on 21 March and the certificate of title was updated to reflect the changes. The MCD gives potential borrowers a reflection period of at least seven days once they have received a binding mortgage offer. The reflection period is intended to allow the consumer sufficient... read more

All you need to know about Eid

Ramadan will finish on 5 July this year for the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims, marking the beginning of Eid al-Fitr. Literally translated from Arabic as the ‘festival of breaking the fast’, the religious holiday usually lasts for a number of days and the celebrations involve a range of traditions, generally including a gathering of family and friends to eat... read more

How to achieve Boredom out of Brexit…

It is said that there is an ancient Chinese curse of ‘may you live in interesting times’, a polite way to wish an enemy a life of uncertainly, trouble and difficulty. Boredom and routine presumably being a much more preferable way to spend your life. The true origins of the phrase are much more likely... read more

Security of Tenure

Security of Tenure: To Exclude or Not To Exclude? The Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 (LTA 1954) administrates the responsibilities and rights of landlords and tenants of properties and premises which are used and occupied for business purposes. Security of tenure for the tenant The tenant of a property or premises from which a business... read more


What is the current position?   Inheritance tax is a form of tax which has to be paid when a person dies and was introduced in 1986. However, having to pay money when you die is not a modern day concept, and it has been necessary for estates to pay a death duty since 1796.... read more

Family Law and Social Media

Is there a link between Family Law and Social Media? The average person is said to spend 1 hour and 40 minutes on social media each and every day. With smart phones and social media Apps it has become a part of our every day lives; me included. It may come as no surprise that... read more

Changes to Local Authority Forms

Briefly there are some changes to Local Authority enquiries in conveyancing using CON 29, CON 29O and CON29DW forms due to take effect on the 4th July.  CON 29 is to now include enquiries on the community infrastructure levy, assets of community value and public rights of way (formerly reported in CON29O).  CON 29O has... read more


Sometimes legalease (the technical language used by solicitors in legal letters or documents) is necessary if the legal document calls for or needs it, however when the use of legal language becomes excessive it can become difficult for non-lawyers to understand what a letter or document actually means.  Some solicitors may seek to confuse with... read more

EU Referendum Result and Family Law

Following the result of the EU Referendum; for many of us, uncertainty lies ahead; Resolution Chair Nigel Shepherd made the following statement with regard to family law and the implications; “It’s too early to know the full implications for family law, but what is clear is that we are entering a period of great uncertainty.... read more

New Head of Private Client Department

Ed Worrall has recently joined the Ramsbottom office of Latimer Lee as the Head of the Private Client Department. Ed is a  qualified Solicitor with many years experience of advising clients on Wills, Probate and Estate Administration, Powers of Attorney as well as Tax advice.  In addition he is a full member of the Society... read more

Bringing a Child Injury Claim

Children often have accidents and it’s usually ‘Kids beings kids’ or rough and tumble that leads to bruises and scrapes, or more significant injuries. Sometimes children can suffer injuries through no fault of their own and as result of someone else’s fault, for example as a passenger in Motor vehicle that suffers a crash. If... read more

Why Latimer Lee Supports Mediation

Why Latimer Lee Supports Mediation   Legal disputes can be stressful and costly; lodging an application with the Court is not the only way to resolve a dispute and really ought to be considered as a last resort.   Mediation is a mechanism for parties, assisted by a trained mediator, to seek an outcome for... read more

Building Regulations Approval; How do they affect us and our properties?

Building regulations are the minimum standards that apply to all new building works, such as alterations to existing houses and extensions. The minimum standard ensures works are carried out to a certain quality. This also ensures a control is in place for health and hygiene, welfare, safety, sustainability and energy efficiency. Any proposed projects must... read more

Grandparent’s Rights

As a grandparent, you do not have an automatic right (grandparent’s rights) to have contact with your grandchildren. However, the Courts do acknowledge the important role that grandparents play in the lives of their grandchildren and it is generally thought to be in the best interest of a child to have contact with wider family... read more

Chocolate Festival Promotions Running Until Friday

To celebrate the Ramsbottom Chocolate Festival we are now running 3 special promotions.. Free Will Service Vouchers Pick up a voucher from our Ramsbottom office and employ us for any of our legal services to claim a Free Will writing package (only 50 available so hurry along to our office) Raffle In aid of the... read more

Free Legal Advice Clinic at Ramsbottom Festival

On Saturday the 19th March we have decided to open a free legal advice clinic whereby members of the public can come in without an appointment to discuss any legal issues they may be experiencing. As this coincides with Ramsbottom’s annual Chocolate Festival we thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce ourselves to... read more

The Importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney

(Based on a true case we are currently processing)  Mr B, a new client, called into the office to discuss selling his house. A year previously his wife had suffered an epileptic fit, and had lost all mental capacity. She needed specialist permanent nursing care, and the only home able to cope with her condition... read more

Divorce Your Loved Ones With Dignity

Here at Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited Solicitors, we deal with a wide range of cases (from relatively straightforward uncontested divorces to complicated high value financial cases). Rest assured that all clients are dealt with at the same level of professionalism and are treated as individuals. All clients will generally have the same solicitor dealing with... read more

Protect Your Home from Care Fees!

Recent statistics suggest that a large percentage of us will be spending a third of our lives in retirement as a result of the huge increase in life expectancy. Unfortunately, this also means that there is a higher risk that we may need Nursing or Residential Care due to lack of capacity, poor health or... read more

Death Taxes to Soar?

The Government is considering proposals to change the charging structure of obtaining Probate after the death of a relative. Ministers are planning to replace the flat rate fee of £215 with an escalating fee which would rise to £20,000 for an estate of £2m. Even a more modest estate of £300,000 would see the Probate... read more

What to Include in a Cohabitation Agreement

If the Cohabitation Agreement is confined to matters dealing with property and money and certain conditions are met, they are more likely to be held as binding. A Cohabitation Agreement should be in the form of a Deed, in order to show consideration and the intention to create legal relations. What to include in a... read more

Unmarried Couples and Property Issues

When an unmarried couple buy a house and start living together they might assume that sharing a mortgage is commitment enough. But the law sees things differently and two people living together do not enjoy the same legal benefits as married ones. Family solicitor Sam Sansoya, of Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited Solicitors, said it was... read more

Make a Will and Support 9 Charities

Will Aid 2015 is a simple way to make your Will and support nine great charities. A donation of £90 will help change the lives of people in the UK and around the world. Make a Will and Support Charity Now >> Help yourself and charity this November 2015 Having your Will written professionally by... read more

Daughter wins £164,000 after battle over Will

Court of appeal increases Heather Ilott’s share of inheritance after she fell out with her mother, who left her entire estate to three animal charities. After a decade-long legal fight with three animal welfare charities over her mother’s decision to cut her out of any inheritance, a poverty-stricken daughter has finally been awarded £164,000 by... read more

Assured short hold tenancies (AST) Now have to be Protected

Notice to all Landlords! As all Landlords should be aware, all assured short hold tenancies (AST) which began on or after 6 April 2007 now have to be protected under a tenancy deposit scheme (TDS). In previous cases, it has been unclear what a landlord needed to do with a deposit of an AST’s or... read more

The Effect of Japanese Knotweed

Spring provides an ideal time to enjoy plants budding in gardens. Japanese Knotweed, a pernicious plant (Fallopia Japonica), lies dormant in winter and in spring its reddish-pink buds begin to sprout. Once summer arrives it can grow a foot a week and start suffocating and strangling all other plant life in its vicinity. The bamboo-like... read more

Will Aid – Current Total for Charity

We are very proud to be a part of Will Aid, a simple way to make your Will and support nine well deserving charities. We have currently raised £17,718. If you would like to donate and have us write your Will whilst doing so, please contact us on 0161 797 4000 and ask us about... read more

Red Flags: Have you been a victim of unsuitable investment advice?

The financial services industry relies upon formidable appearances, seemingly complex products and massive bureaucracy to line their pockets, but you would be mistaken to assume that they are completely impervious. The recent spike in Financial Conduct Authority findings against the banks demonstrates the need for a crackdown on the supposedly ‘specialist’ advisers, who have been... read more

£28,000,000 of Financial Injustice

Last year, Lloyds Banking Group was fined £28,000,000 by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) after pressuring its staff to sell stock market-linked products that were unsuitable for its customers. The real victims here, however, are not the staff but the customers who were mis-sold investments and have seen their savings dwindle as a result of... read more

Children in Need

Children in Need fundraising – Crazy hair day at the office! To raise money for Children in Need, staff at our offices in Prestwich and Bury have come into work today wearing crazy hair for the day. It’s business as usual, apart from the hair! Let’s hope that this years fundraising for this worthy charity... read more

The Children Act by Ian McEwan

A slight change of pace following our coverage of the Pistorius trial; this week’s blog reviews Ian McEwan’s latest novel ‘The Children Act’ that sees the author grapple with highly contentious tenets of family law: The Children Act follows feared and revered High Court judge Fiona Maye as she deals with her personal and professional... read more

Murder Trials: Coming Live to a Television Near You? Part Two

Last week, President of the Supreme Court Lord Neuberger came out in support of the decision to stream the trial of paralympian Oscar Pistorius live from the courtroom in Pretoria. In our first blog, we explored the controversy his Lordship’s sentiments created in light of the OJ Simpson murder trial and the ability of the... read more

Murder Trials: Coming Live to a Television Near You? Part One

Lord Neuberger, President of the Supreme Court, has come out in support of the South African High Court’s decision to stream the Oscar Pistorius trial live. “Open Justice” direct from Pretoria His Lordship has described the coverage as “impressive” and went as far to say that it was a good example of how the criminal... read more

Under Threat and Under Duress: Will Disputes

The drafting of wills ought to offer a prospective testator with peace of mind. The fact that their estate will be administered in accordance with their wishes after their passing is obviously reassuring. The finality of death prompts testators to place these wishes with appointed executors, whom they trust to obey their instructions, but what... read more

Entrusting your last will and testament… to your accountant?

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) will be able to grant alternative business structure (ABS) licences from September. In a month’s time, chartered accountants will therefore be able to conduct probate services, if they are in receipt of an ABS licence. For probate lawyers this decision defies all logic and common sense. An experienced... read more

Children’s Voices Will be Heard in the Family Court

The Family Justice Young People’s Board (FJYPB) held a landmark conference in London last week, where Justice Minister Simon Hughes confirmed that the Government will ensure that children aged 10 and over will have a say in how their case is handled by the courts and the judiciary. This commitment will affect all family court... read more

Flat Pack Probate and DIY Executors

The grief surrounding bereavement intensifies when probate remains unresolved, but statistics released by the High Court have revealed that an unprecedented number of lay executors are breaching their fiduciary duties. Appointing family members or friends as trustees in lieu of instructing a probate solicitor can be reassuring when the emotional toll of losing a loved... read more

Families in Flux: The Children and Families Act 2014

remains at the heart of Latimer Lee’s practice as an unrivalled area of expertise; key to this is staying constantly updated with proposed law reform. The Children and Families Act 2014 received Royal Assent in April and has introduced three major changes to the law relating to family disputes; especially those disputes involving young children.... read more

Stroke Association Free Will Scheme

Support a Worthy Charity and Get a Free Will The Stroke Association is the UK’s leading charity changing the world for people affected by stroke. It provides high quality up-to-date stroke information for stroke patients, their families and carers. If you are 60 or over and wish to make a basic will, mirror wills for... read more

£4,810 Raised for Will Aid 2013

Last year Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited raised £4,810 to support nine leading UK charities…... read more

Bridge Street Gardens Duck Race

Latimer Lee have taken part in decorating a duck to include in the Duck Race. The Duck Race will be held on Sunday 13th April 2014 at Bridge Street Gardens (next to level crossing) and Ramsbottom Rotary will be releasing 500 ducks into the Irwell at 1pm and 3pm.... read more

Marie Curie Cancer Care
- Free Will

Free Will Scheme 3rd March – 30th May 2014 to those aged 55 or over The story begins in 1948, a charity dedicated to alleviating suffering from cancer today − now known as Marie Curie Cancer Care. Following the donation of an engagement ring to help raise funds for the charity, the very first appeal... read more

St Ann’s Hospice Free Will Week

Free Will Week 10th – 14th March It is possible to leave donations in your Will to charitable foundations, leaving a lasting legacy in terms of helping other people. St. Ann’s Hospice partake in such a scheme: ‘Free Will Week 10th – 14th March’. This enables people to give a gift within their Will to... read more

Can you afford to die?

With the rising costs of funeral costs, can you afford to die? At Latimer Lee we deal with Probate and Administration of Estates and many of our clients do not realise the costs of funerals. The average cost of a funeral, burial or cremation stands at approximately £3,400 and has increased by 80% between 2004... read more

Amnesty International Make A Will Fortnight

Amnesty is a movement of ordinary people from around the world standing up for humanity and human rights. They are a movement that produces extraordinary results. Prisoners of conscience are released. Death sentences are commuted. Torturers are brought to justice. Governments are persuaded to change their laws and practices. Their achievements have a huge impact... read more

Mortgage Stratergy Awards 2014

Latimer Lee Solicitors would like to thank IFA Conveyancing for the eventful night out at the Mortgage strategy Awards. Stephen Latimer & Soames Latimer attended the awards ceremony on Wednesday 26/02/2014, thanks to kind invite from Andrew Richardson and Gareth Harvey.  ... read more

Mission Christmas Toy Appeal Success!

Over the Christmas period we helped support the ‘Mission Christmas Toy Appeal’ arranged by the Key 103 Breakfast Show. The appeal was a great success, delivering £1,331,677.73 worth of toys to disadvantaged children across Greater Manchester. More information about the appeal and how you could help can be viewed here. We can’t wait to take... read more

Happy Halloween!

To celebrate Halloween this year we had a fancy-dress day in the office. A few photos of our team in spooky attire below…... read more

Make a Will for £25

November is Bolton Hospice’s Make a Will Month, and we are working with Bolton Hospice to offer a reduced rate will-making service when you make a donation. Start the Process Now >> The scheme aims to raise awareness of the importance of making a Will whilst also raising funds for the hospice. We can offer... read more

Make a Will and Support 9 Charities

Will Aid 2013 is a simple way to make your Will and support nine great charities. A donation of £90 will help change the lives of people in the UK and around the world. Make a Will and Support Charity Now >> Help yourself and charity this November 2013 Having your Will written professionally by... read more

Make a Will and Help Save the Wetlands – November 2013

Are you interested in saving wetlands for wildlife & people? Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited is prepared to draft a basic Will for you, foregoing our usual fee but would ask that you make a donation to the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) and perhaps consider leaving a gift to them in your Will. Founded in... read more

Landlord Rights – Problematic Tenants

As a Landlord it is important to know your rights In the UK the rental sector is particularly buoyant at present, mainly due to the financial downturn and first time buyers being unable to raise the magic ‘10% deposit’ which most lenders now require for a mortgage. Most tenants are responsible individuals who will respect... read more

Make a Will Week 2013

Make or update a Will and help raise funds for The Christie During Make a Will Week (16th – 20th September 2013), Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited will provide a standard will-writing and updating service, in lieu of a donation to The Christie. The suggested minimum donation is £100 for a single will and £150 for... read more

Choosing an Executor – Who to Trust?

Nominating an Executor to your Will When drawing up a Will, it is necessary for you to nominate an Executor or Executors who will administer your Estate after your death. The tasks undertaken by your Executor typically include a number of duties: such as applying for the Grant of Probate; completing tax returns; calling in... read more

£4,345 Raised for Will Aid 2012

Last year Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited raised £4,345 to support nine leading UK charities…... read more

Do you know what’s
in your Will?
Hawes v Burgess.

This is case about a mother who died aged 80 in 2009, leaving three children.  In her Last Will & Testament made in 2007 she cut her son out of the residuary estate, stating that she had made a substantial provision for him during her lifetime or will shortly do so. The son was very... read more

Holiday Winter Season the Importance of Property Insurance

Every winter freezing temperatures catch people out and now that we are approaching the holiday season it is a great time to check and update your property insurance. Many unoccupied property insurance policies have additional terms and conditions that are applied during the winter months, which you should be made aware of in order to... read more

Family Issues at Christmas

For many parents, Christmas is a special and important time of the year. Christmas as a newly separated parent can be just as special, if not more special, although the build up to Christmas can be stressful. Family times and the memories attached to Christmas can make it the most trying time after a divorce... read more

Will Aid 2012 Reminder

Last year Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited raised £2390.00 to support nine leading UK charities including The British Red Cross, Christian Aid, Age UK, NSPCC and Save The Children. We achieved this sum by preparing your Will foregoing our usual fees and instead ask for your kind generosity to donate to WILL AID. All donations are... read more

Is a Grant of Probate Required?

Under the Administration of Estates (Small Payments) Act 1965, if the deceased’s estate is worth less than £5,000 you do not normally need to apply for a Grant of Probate. This figure has remained unchanged since 1984 and the question to increase the threshold was last raised in Parliament in 2005, but the Government indicated... read more

Lasting Powers of Attorney Update

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) protects people who lack the mental capacity to make their own decisions.  This is achieved by registering the Lasting Powers of Attorneys (LPA) at the Office of the Public Guardian to enable them to supervise and investigate the ways in which the Attorneys exercise their powers. In order... read more

Scam Email in Circulation

It has been brought to our attention that a phishing scam email is currently in circulation bearing our company details. The email has no affiliation with Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited. Part of the content of the scam email is below. Please do not call the number within it, as it is a premium rate number... read more

The Ant & the Grasshopper

One day a grasshopper was hopping about, chirping and singing without a care in the world.  An Ant passed by carrying an ear of corn he was taking to the nest. The grasshopper tried to distract the Ant asked him to sit down and have a chat.  The Ant refused and explained that he was... read more

Make a Will Week 17th – 21 st of September 2012

The Christie Charitable Fund is running a “Make a Will Week” in September 2012 with the aim to highlight: The importance of making or updating a will to safeguard and provide for loved ones – especially if your circumstances have changed in recent years and your current will may not consider grandchildren, changes in marital... read more

“Make a Will”-BURY HOSPICE

BURY HOSPICE Will Fortnight 14th May 2012 – 25th May 2012 Bury Hospice is running a “Make a Will” fortnight in May 2012.  Bury Hospice wish to incorporate World Hospice and Palliative Care day and their aims are as follows:- Increase the availability of hospice and palliative care throughout the world by creating opportunities to... read more

Charging for the use of the CSA?

Part of the Government’s proposed changes to the Welfare Reform are that there be charges for the use of the Child Support Agency. The proposals were announced when MPs considered amendments to the Welfare Reform Bill. Resolution, a national organisation of family lawyers committed to non-confrontational divorce, separation and other family problems is opposed to... read more

Will Fortnight 12th March 2012 – 23rd March 2012

RNIB is the leading UKcharity for blind and partially sighted people.  They offer emotional and practical support to almost two million people living with sight loss in the UK today.   They are passionately committed to ending the isolation of sight loss and seek to change policy and provision to deliver independence, inclusion and an... read more

Will Week: 12th March 2012 – 16th March 2012

Last year marked the 40th anniversary of St Ann’s Hospice and Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited joined with them to celebrate 40 years of caring for the people of Greater Manchester and their families by raising money.  It is only through the generosity of local people that St Ann’s Hospice are able to provide the highest... read more

Contested Will

Ms Rachel Douglas, the girlfriend of Sgt John Manuel, a Royal Marine killed in action in Afghanistan, was in rows with his family over his Will. Prior to Sgt Manuel’s final tour he told his brother to give Ms Douglas a sum of £10,000.00 should he die.  However, Ms Douglas insisted that she was entitled... read more

Why Should I Register My Land?

Before the raft of property legislation brought into force in 1926 all land was unregistered and title to the land had to be deduced from the deeds and documents and from inspection of the land.  The Land Registration Act 1925 was introduced in order to simplify conveyancing and show a mirror of the title to... read more


Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited are acting for a property owner who is trying to obtain better compensation for his land and premises of approximately 18,500 sq ft in East Manchester required for the expansion of Manchester City Football Club. As our client says, it is a David and Goliath situation, with the City Council issuing... read more


When considering entering into litigation it is always important to consider the value of the claim that you are bringing.  The value of the claim has an impact on the recoverability of any legal costs that you incur in obtaining advice and representation.  It has usually been the case that for most debt matters and... read more

Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited Participating in WILL AID

Following last years success we are very pleased to announce that we are participating in WILL AID for a second year running, throughout the month of November. Under the scheme we forego our usual fees for preparing your Will and instead ask you to make a donation to WILL AID.  WILL AID suggest a minimum... read more

Safety Obligations Owed to Visiting Contractors

The safety laws place strict obligations on companies to provide safe workplaces for their employees. However, some companies mistakenly believe that the obligations to provide a safe workplace do not extend to contractors, such as electricians, plumbers or window cleaners, who may be working for a short time in their factory or offices.  This was... read more

Beneficiary signs Will on behalf of the Testator

Barratt v Bem [2011]  Under Section 15 of the Wills Act 1837 a beneficiary is unable to witness the Will of a testator; otherwise the gift to the beneficiary would be void.  Can the same be said if a beneficiary signs a Will on behalf of the testator?  In the case of Barratt v Bem,... read more

Local Authority – Care Packages

R (on the application of McDonald) v Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea [2011]  In the above case there was a question of whether the Local Authority had acted lawfully in seeking to amend the claimant’s care package.  The claimant, an elderly lady had previously suffered a stroke in 1999 which left her with limited... read more

Your dinner is in the dog

  As a matrimonial solicitor I am constantly asked about the separation of assets when a couple of separating. Who will have the flatscreen tv? The sofa? More importantly, to most couples, who will have the dog/cat/rabbit?   Unfortunately it is very hard to advise on the separation of assets which have a small value... read more

Are You An Employee Or Self-Employed?

The safety regulations focus their attention on protecting employees to ensure that they are safe at work. However, the labour market is constantly changing and does not remain the same indefinitely. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 that was made law to help improve working conditions is now almost forty years old, yet... read more


Many people are now living much longer and more of us may be affected by incapacitation or long-term illnesses which could require specialist care and on-going support . It is therefore essential you have the right advice to protect your property, hard earned assets and welfare. A Lasting Power of Attorney can help protect you... read more

Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited raise money for Will Aid

Click on link Will week... read more

Polygamous Marriages

Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts v Yemoh [2010] EWCH 3727 (Ch) The Court was asked to consider the way in which the Intestacy Rules work in relation to polygamous marriages.  The deceased had died Intestate, domiciled in Ghana and owned various properties, including property in England.  He was married to six women and the... read more

Parking Your Car On A Busy Road

It is probably something that we have all done. You park your car on a busy road leading in to a town centre, perhaps because there is no alternative parking near by, and you need to get something from the rear of your car. The road being busy results in a line of cars queuing... read more

Surrogacy: the risks

Although surrogacy has been ongoing for many years it has recently become more acceptable possibly due to celebrities such as Elton John and Nicole Kidman confirming that they have successfully used surrogacy in order to expand their families. The recently published case of TT (Re TT (Surrogacy) [2011] EWHC 33 (FAM)) has received national press,... read more

Personal Liability of Company Directors for Accidents

The general rule is that directors of companies are not liable at civil law to pay compensation to employees for injuries suffered as a result of accidents that happen at work. However, this general rule was not followed in the court case of Berisha v DSM Trading and Collier. DSM Trading went into financial hard... read more

Strict Liability of Employers For Defective Equipment

The civil case of Johnstone v Amec Construction Limited (2010) shows the strict interpretation of the health and safety laws by the courts. Mr Johnstone suffered injury to his leg in an accident whilst working as a security guard for Amec Construction Limited. Mr Johnstone tripped over a metal barrier that had been blown down... read more


Long established clients of Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited who had traded as a partnership for over 30 years and held a large portfolio of commercial properties took specialist tax accountants’ advice to incorporate an off shore company (the Isle of Man) to reduce their personal income tax and potential Inheritance Tax liabilities, by transferring their... read more

I am not sure whether my parents made a Will?

This is a question that we face on a weekly basis and with our assistance we may be able to ascertain as to whether a Will has indeed been drawn up and locate its whereabouts. National Savings & Investments carried out a survey of 2664 people, which revealed the following:- More than a third of... read more

The New Family Procedure Rules 2010

On 6th April 2011 the Family Procedure Rules 2010 come into effect.  The new Rules are a single consolidation of all other rules in relation to family proceedings. The principal rules being replaced are the Family Proceedings Rules 1991, the Family Procedure (Adoption) Rules 2005 and, in so far as they relate to family proceedings,... read more

Great North Run – Yorkshire Cancer Research

Malcolm Trotter head of the Personal Injury department of Latimer Lee Solicitors is running the Great North Run in September for Yorkshire cancer Research.  Mr Trotter is looking to raise £250 for this fantastic cause.  If you would like to donate some money please click on the link below. read more

House prices fall 0.9% in February Halifax Report

UK house prices fell by 0.9% in February compared with the previous month, cancelling out a rise in January, the Halifax has said. The lender, now part of Lloyds Banking Group, said that year-on-year prices had dropped by 2.8% in February. This meant the typical home in the UK now costs £162,657. The uncertain economic... read more

Liability for Work “Fun” Day

The recent Court of Appeal case of Robert Lee Uren v Corporate Leisure (UK) Limited and the Ministry of Defence demonstrated that an employer cannot simply “pass the buck” of responsibility for the safety of its employees to an organiser of an event. Mr Uren was a senior aircraftman in the RAF who was seriously... read more

House prices almost double

House prices almost doubled in a decade Halifax survey shows house prices rose by 91% from 2000, but the average salary increased only by 40% No wonder first-time buyers can’t afford a home: house prices rose by 91% in the past decade, with the national average rising by more than £78,000, according to data released... read more

Slipping and Tripping Accidents at Work

10,000 Employees Seriously Injured in Slipping and Tripping Accidents at Work Some sectors of the media have attempted to trivialize health and safety, and, for example, attempt to argue that that it is too onerous to carry out risk assessments before commencing a new task in a workplace, whether it be a shop, construction site... read more

Road Traffic Accidents in Lancashire

Lancashire is above the national average for the number of people per 1,000 population that are killed or seriously injured in road traffic accidents. The Department For Transport’s data on road traffic accidents occurring during 2009 is that in the 14 local authorities in Lancashire 852 people were killed or seriously injured, that is, more... read more

WILL AID Charity Scheme 2011

Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited took part in November 2010’s WILL AID Campaign, foregoing our usual fee for preparing a Will, and instead asked our clients to make donations to WILL AID.  The monies donated to WILL AID are distributedamong the British Red Cross, Christian Aid, Age UK, NSPCC, Save The Children UK and other major... read more

Make A Will Week

At Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited we welcome the opportunity to take part in Will Week, not only do we wish to raise awareness of the importance of making a Will but we also wish to support our Local Charities. Use Will Week to get your affairs in order, whilst helping to support the patients and... read more

Carer case involving Kumari Murphy (carer) and Nicholas Rayner dismissed

Mr Rayner, a former Army officer who worked forSotheby’s met Mrs Murphy in 1995 after he suffered a stroke.  Mrs Murphy claims that she cared for Mr Rayner (now 74 years old) for 12 years without pay but it seems as though she has lied and was in fact being paid up to £400 per... read more

Radmacher Article

The Radmacher case has been highlighted in the news recently as the case which has changed matrimonial law. In order to understand the case it is important to have a brief outline of the history. The parties met in November 1997 in London when they were both in their 20s. Ms Radmacher came from a... read more

Advice on Gas Appliances

If a plumber or gas fitter visits your home to do work on a gas appliance always ask to see their Gas Safe identification card. Anyone who is employed to work on gas appliances in houses and flats must be Gas Safe registered.... read more

The Work of the Health and Safety Executive

The Health and Safety Executive (“HSE”) is Britain’s national regulator for health and safety in the workplace. It aims to prevent death, injury and ill-heath through information and promoting training, and also carrying out inspections and enforcement. An example of this is that in 2010 the HSE prosecuted Callender (Lancashire) Aeroport Limited in Accrington Magistrates... read more

High Number of Accidents At Work In 2009/10

There were 233,000 reportable injuries suffered by men and women at work during the year 2009/10 according to the Labour Force Survey, therefore an average of almost 4500 injuries every week. The Labour Force Survey is a quarterly survey of households that collects information on the UK labour market, and the information is used by... read more