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Resolve: Jewish
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Resolve: Jewish Family Solutions

The Jewish community is no more immune to the harsh realities of life than any other sector of society. Divorce is a reality and, in the religious community, regrettably, the divorce rate is only heading in one direction. Often, the separating couple will need to go before the English courts to terminate their civil marriage but, across the Orthodox Jewish community, all marriages that end come before Beth Din for the divorce to be completed in accordance with Jewish law (Halacha). For some, Beth Din is just the place for the husband to give and the wife to receive the Get (Jewish bill of divorce) but, today, many couples chose Beth Din as the preferred venue for settling financial, property and children matters, including residency, contact and child support.

Resolve: Jewish Family Solutions is a national service, operating across the UK, offering mediation between couples who wish to make arrangements for their separation and we are sensitive to the Halacha that governs this aspect of Jewish life. Mediation is not marriage guidance. Confidentiality is guaranteed but we place a high value on discretion and we are happy to mediate between couples at any of our offices (away from the Jewish community) or at a venue chosen by you, whether that is in Manchester, London or Gateshead.

Depending on the complexity of your situation and the willingness of both the husband and wife to reach a settlement, we anticipate 1-2 session(s) of one hour to deal with financial and property matters and 2-3 session(s) to deal with children matters.

Any settlement will be documented in a form that can be approved by either or both Beth Din and the English courts and we are happy to arrange for any draft documents to be reviewed by your Rabbi or a Rabbi we recommend (additional charges might apply).

The cost of mediation is usually shared between the parties but, in any event, the mediating Solicitor remains impartial and does not act for either party, even when either the husband or the wife (or their respective families) may fund or arrange funding for the mediation without making any demands of the other to contribute to the cost of mediation.

In cases where mediation is unsuccessful or impractical in the circumstances, our Solicitors can provide formal representation in Beth Din and/or the English courts and we work very closely with our colleagues in the Family Law department. We are happy to represent either the husband or the wife but we cannot act for both parties. Please note that if our Solicitors have mediated your case, we cannot represent either side in any subsequent proceedings before Beth Din or the English courts.

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