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Yerusha (Inheritance)

In English law, you are entitled to choose your heirs and, by a will, distribute your earthly wealth after you dies. However, according to Jewish law (Halacha), you can neither choose heirs, nor distribute property after your death. When you die, Halahcha determines who owns your assets according to the laws of Yerusha. However, there are several methods of transferring property to someone who is not your halachic heir that are acceptable in Halacha, most typically by creating some form of gift while you are still alive.

At Latimer Lee, we have experience of dealing with all aspects of estate planning in English law and we are able to provide the relevant mechanism(s) to ensure that your will is compatible with Halacha. We are happy to arrange for any draft documents to be reviewed by your Rabbi or a Rabbi we recommend (additional charges might apply).

You can be confident that we will provide clear and practical advice on all the options available to you.

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