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Personal injury

If you have suffered an accident at work due to not being provided with safety clothing, or the wrong type of safety clothing, then you may well be able to make an accident at work compensation claim.

Accidents can happen when you are doing your work as best that you can, however you still suffer an injury requiring medical treatment. This has been recognized as a problem for workers, and for this reason employers are under a legal obligation to provide their employees with safety clothing or personal protective equipment.

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 place a legal duty on companies to provide employees with the safety clothing that they need in order to be able to do their work without the risk of suffering an injury.

The safety regulations also require that the safety clothing is maintained by the company in a reasonable condition and replaced if necessary, that workers are trained in how to safely use the personal protective equipment, and that there is a suitable storage cupboard or place for it when the safety clothing is not in use.

The courts have taken a robust approach to enforcing the obligations on employers under the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations. In the court case of Threlfall v Hull City Council Mr Threlfall had been provided with protective gloves by his employer. Whilst doing his work Mr Threlfall suffered a cut injury to his hand even though he was wearing the gloves. The Court of Appeal held that Mr Threlfall’s employer was in breach of its legal obligations under the safety regulations because it had supplied Mr Threlfall with the wrong type of safety gloves because the gloves that had been given to Mr Threlfall did not protect his hands.

Employers must provide adequate safety clothing

The safety laws now require companies to provide their employees with the equipment to enable them to safely carry out their work, and this includes safety clothing. Therefore, whether you work in a hairdresser’s salon, a supermarket, factory, or a public house your employer must provide you with the clothing so that you are safe from injury whilst you are doing your work.

Safety clothing compensation claims

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