Hearing loss

Personal injury

People often overlook making a compensation claim for suffering hearing loss caused by working where there was high noise levels. If your doctor advises that you have suffered hearing loss caused by noise at work, or you believe that you have deafness caused by work then you may be able to make a hearing loss compensation claim.

Tinnitus, an annoying buzzing or ringing sound in your ears, can also be caused by occupational hearing loss, and compensation can be claimed for this injury.

If there are high levels of noise in your workplace then this noise can cause permanent damage to your hearing. Unless the noise in the workplace is extremely loud then the injury to your hearing will gradually develop over months or years, and you may not notice the change in your hearing.

Suffered hearing loss due to work?

If you believe that you have suffered deafness caused by noise at work then visit your doctor and ask for an appointment at your local hearing clinic. At the hearing clinic a hearing test will be done to check the type of hearing loss that has been suffered. The result of the hearing test is known as an audiogram, and this looks like a graph, and shows the amount of the hearing loss.

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 places legal obligations on companies to take safety precautions to protect employees from suffering hearing loss. Employers have to carry out a risk assessment to identify the precautions that should be taken to protect employees from the risk of suffering occupational hearing loss. Hearing protection must be provided to workers, and there must be suitable health surveillance to check that the safety precautions are effective.

Industrial deafness compensation claims are different to ordinary accident at work compensation claims, and therefore it is important that you instruct a solicitor with specialist legal knowledge of deafness claims.

In addition to a civil claim for compensation for occupational hearing loss you may be entitled to make a claim for state benefits such as industrial injury disablement benefit. We would be happy to assist you make a claim. There is also information to be found on www.direct.gov.uk

Making a work-related hearing loss claim

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