Lifting at work
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If you have sustained an injury whilst lifting at work then you may be entitled to lifting at work accident compensation.

Every day workers suffer accidents whilst lifting or carrying things at work. The government’s Health and Safety Executive’s statistics are that nearly 40% of all significant injuries in the workplace happen whilst people are doing work lifting and carrying.

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, as amended, provide the legal framework for lifting and carrying activities at work. These safety regulations place legal obligations on employers to avoid hazardous lifting and carrying work, and if it cannot be avoided, then to carefully risk assess the activities, and reduce the risk of injury as far as is reasonably practicable.

Workplaces are not just factories and construction sites, but also shops, offices, warehouses, and any place where you carry on your employment. A lifting task does not have to be a repeated job that is done every day, and the safety regulations apply to one-off lifting tasks.

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations were introduced to protect workers, and to reduce the number of accidents at work that were occurring far too frequently. The county court judges will enforce the safety obligations, and if workers suffer accidents and make compensation claims it is likely that they will be awarded damages. For example, in the court case of Swain v Denco Marston Limited, Mr Swain was given at work the job of repairing a conveyor in a factory. The job involved removing a roller, and Mr Swain was not given information about the weight of the roller. Mr Swain suffered a crushed hand whilst lifting the roller because he was taken by surprise by the weight of the roller. The Court of Appeal awarded compensation to Mr Swain because his employer had failed to carry out a risk assessment before directing him to do the work, and such a risk assessment would have identified the hazard caused by the weight of the roller.

Making a lifting accident compensation claim

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