Slipping and tripping
at work accident

Personal injury

The safety laws state that workplaces must be safe for the people working there. If you suffer an accident at work caused by an unsafe workplace then you can make an accident at work compensation claim for the injury and any losses suffered due to the accident.

Workplace should be clean to avoid slipping or tripping

The Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations 1992 place legal obligations on employers to provide workplaces of a safe standard. The safety laws provide that there should be a reasonable amount of space in the workplace, and it must not be overcrowded. The workplace should be kept sufficiently clean, and must be properly lighted. There must be the correct type of flooring, and the walkways must be kept clear of obstructions. The workplace must be organized so that both vehicles and workers can safely move about.

A workplace is any place where you are required to do your work, and therefore a workplace is not just an office or factory. In the court case of Wright v Romford Blinds and Shutters Limited, Mr Wright suffered an accident when he fell from the roof of the work’s Ford Transit van. Mr Wright had been stood on the roof of the van whilst the van was being loaded. The county court judge ruled that the van was Mr Wright’s workplace, and therefore the safety regulations applied. Mr Wright was awarded compensation for the injuries suffered due to the fall.

The laws to protect workers are continually being improved, and in 2005 the Work at Height Regulations were introduced, and this safety law requires companies to avoid its workers having to work at height, with the aim of avoiding accidents occurring. The safety laws for building sites were updated in 2007 with the introduction of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations.

Making a slipping or tripping accident claim

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