Tinnitus compensation

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If you have suffered from tinnitus whilst at work then contact us to help you get Tinnitus hearing loss compensation.

If you have or are experiencing ringing, whistling, buzzing or humming noises in your ears or head then you may be suffering from tinnitus. Tinnitus can cause low, medium or high pitched noises in one ear, both ears or in the middle of the head. Tinnitus sufferers tend to experience on and off noise as opposed to continuous noise.

Employers owe their employees a duty of care in the workplace and can prevent the onset of tinnitus by providing their employees with the correct ear protection. To make a tinnitus compensation claim against your employer, you must first establish that your employer has exposed you to negligent levels of noise.

Typical workplaces where you may experience excessive levels of noise are:

  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Textile
  • Mining industries
  • Airports
  • Train stations
  • Factories

Tinnitus can be devastating for the sufferer and can lead to the person experiencing the following:

  • Over-sensitive hearing
  • Difficulty with sleeping
  • A sense of frustration
  • Confusion of the senses
  • Depression

Making a claim for Tinnitus compensation

Things to do if you believe you have or are suffering from tinnitus as a result of your employment:

  • Ensure that the injury is reported to staff and a record is taken
  • Seek medical advice/treatment
  • Obtain evidence e.g. photographs of the workplace, equipment that you use that causes excessive noise
  • Obtain witnesses’ contact details, if applicable
  • Contact Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited

You can also claim for other losses incurred as a result of your tinnitus e.g. travel expenses, loss of earnings, medical fees, etc

Note: it is illegal for an employer to dismiss or discipline an employee for making a claim for compensation as a result of sustaining an injury at work.

Please note, if you were diagnosed with tinnitus as a result of your employment over 3 years ago, then you are unlikely to be able to make a tinnitus claim.

Contact us today to start your tinnitus compensation claim, get the compensation you deserve for your suffering.