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At work you will be provided with equipment to use to do the work. If you suffer an accident whilst using the work equipment you may be able to make an accident at work compensation claim.

The equipment provided by the company that you work for should suitable for the job, and be in a reasonable condition to enable you to safely do the work.

The safety laws relating to work equipment are contained in the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998. A wide description has been given to work equipment, and therefore most things used at work are covered by the safety laws, from a kettle to a lorry.

The obligations on employers are to properly select the work equipment to ensure that it is suitable for the type of work that is done. The work equipment must be maintained in a safe condition, and the people who use the work equipment must be properly trained to know how to safely use it.

It is now established law that if faulty work equipment causes an accident to the person using it then the worker is automatically entitled to compensation for the injury caused by the work accident. This is the law even if a routine inspection of the work equipment would not have found the defect in the work equipment.

The safety laws for work equipment state that not only must the equipment be in a reasonable condition, but the worker must be able to safely use the equipment. In the court case of English v North Lancashire Council Mrs English was a catering assistant in a school, and her e work included cleaning a meat slicing machine. A part on the machine was missing that covered the blade on the machine, and this made it more difficult to safely clean the machine. Mrs English suffered a cut to her hand whilst cleaning the machine. The court awarded compensation to Mrs English because the meat slicing machine was not safe equipment due to the missing part. The safety laws apply to the cleaning and maintenance workers, and not just to the workers who actually operate the equipment.

Making a work equipment accident claim

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