Arm injury

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A serious arm injury could lead to an arm injury compensation claim of up-to £90,000. Call us on 0800 131 3636 to see how much you could be entitled to claim.

It is up to the courts when they hear civil claims for compensation that decide how much compensation should be awarded to people who have suffered accidents that result in injuries to wrists and arms.

There is not a law or Act of Parliament that states the amount of compensation that is to be awarded. The judges attempt to tailor the award of compensation to the particular accident victim who is making the arm injury compensation claim.

The size of the award of arm injury compensation is affected by whether the injury caused by the accident has resulted in a permanent disability, or whether a complete recovery has been made from the symptoms caused by the accident injury.

General arm injury compensation amounts

Arm injuries are frequently treated by a plaster cast or support bandage, depending on whether the accident has caused a fracture to a bone or only soft tissue injury. An arm injury compensation will generally be made of between £2,300 and £3,200 where the accident victim has made a good recovery from the injury within a matter of months of the accident. In addition, a compensation claim will also be made for any lost salary or income caused by the arm injury, and any private medical fees.

In those cases where the accident injury unfortunately results in permanent disability to the accident victim, the size of the award of compensation will depend on the severity of the disability. Serious arm injuries may result in important muscles no longer functioning, or it may not be possible to save the arm, and the most appropriate course of treatment may be, for instance, a below elbow amputation.

Arm amputation compensation claims

In cases of arm amputation the awards of arm injury compensation vary enormously, and may exceed £90,000. The compensation claim will, in addition, also include compensation for nursing care and assistance, therapy, private medical fees, loss of earnings, pension, and any other financial expenses and losses resulting from the disability.