Chest injury
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Personal injury

There are a number of circumstances where an individual who is involved in an accident suffers an injury to his/ her chest. This can lead to them making a chest injury compensation claim, whether the injury is minor or severe.

Chest injuries, which individuals can claim for, can vary from minor injuries, such as bruising to the chest to more severe injuries including fractures, broken ribs and damage to the lungs with permanent damage, in cases of industrial disease.

Chest injury claim examples

Accidents at work can lead to chest injuries where clients are operating heavy machinery or tools or just carrying out their normal duties. An example where an individual can suffer a chest injury is where an object may fall on them. This may be as a result of lack of procedures in place at the work place, lack of training provided to employees or both. Learn about making an accident at work compensation claim.

Also, where individuals are involved in a road traffic accident this can result in them suffering a chest injury. This can be caused by the individual jolting forwards as a result of the collision and the seatbelt causing them injury.

Where individuals have been involved in a tripping accident, this can also lead to them claiming for chest injuries where they have been injured. If an individual falls, he/ she may suffer an impact on the chest causing injury.

Compensation for chest injury amounts

Some accident at work claims can involve the inhalation of toxic gases or fumes, leaving residual, although not always permanent, damage. At the upper end of the scale, it is possible to recover compensation in the region of £8,000, but even a collapsed lung, caused by accident at work, can attract chest injury compensation in the region of £3,000.

It is imperative that you seek medical attention, whenever you suspect that you have sustained a chest injury, however minor it may first appear; the sooner an injury is treated, the sooner it should resolve.

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