Face injury

Personal injury

You could claim up to £60,000 in compensation for a facial injury

Accidents that lead to face injury compensation claims can occur in a very wide range of different circumstances, ranging from accidents suffered by children at school, to accidents at work, to accidents in the street.

Face injury claim for damaged teeth

A face injury may result in damage to a tooth. Awards of face injury compensation for the loss of a front tooth or serious damage to a front tooth generally receives an award of compensation between £1,500 and £2,600. The person who has suffered the accident will also be entitled to claim compensation for the cost of any dental treatment.

In accidents that cause significant impact type injuries to the face the accident may cause a fracture injury to the jaw. The amount of compensation awarded will depend on whether the injury causes a simple fracture from which a complete recovery is made, where the usual range of compensation is between £4,300 and £5,800.

If the accident results in multiple serious fractures and permanent ongoing symptoms, such as numbness in the face, the award of face injury compensation may increase to £30,000. Once again, the cost of private medical treatment or surgery may also be recovered in the compensation claim.

Skin damage face injury compensation

Injuries to the face often cause permanent scarring to the skin. Generally, female accident victims recover larger amounts of compensation than male accident victims. If the face injury compensation claim progressed to a court hearing, then the judge would look subjectively at how the individual person who suffered the accident was affected by the facial disfigurement, and not simply make generalizations. For example, one person may be much more strongly psychologically affected by a scar than another person who has sustained a similar scar.

A trivial scar to the face generally receives an award of face injury compensation in the region £1,200 to £2,300, whereas a young woman who sustains a cosmetically disfiguring scar that causes a severe psychological reaction may receive an award of compensation in excess of £60,000.

The accident victim would also be entitled to include in her face injury compensation claim the private medical fees for plastic surgery advised by medical consultant.