Hand injury
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Personal injury

There are a number of circumstances where an individual who is involved in an accident suffers an injury to his/ her hand. This can lead to them making a successful hand injury compensation claim of up-top £35,000.

Accidents at work can lead to hand injuries where client’s are operating heavy machinery or tools or just carrying out their normal duties. In an employment situation, employers have a duty to their employees to provide them with manual handling training and also carry out health and safety procedures. More information about these types of accident can be found on our accidents at work compensation claims page.

Where safety procedures are lacking or not in place, this can lead to individuals having an accident, leading to a hand injury. Also, where procedures are not in place, this can strengthen an individual’s hand injury compensation claim against their employers or former employers where they have suffered an injury.

Hand injury claim examples

Where individuals have been involved in a tripping accident, this can also lead to them claiming for hand injuries where they have been injured. If an individual falls, he/ she may suffer an injury to his wrist, hand or fingers. The injury may be minor, for example a fracture, or even more severe, for example a dislocation or crush.

Furthermore, hand injuries can be caused by an impact of a collision in a road traffic accident (road traffic accident compensation). It may be that an individual breaks his leg as well as fractures, dislocates and in more severe cases crushes his/her fingers or part of his hand.

Hand injuries which individuals can claim for can vary from minor injuries, such as to the thumb, a fracture or dislocation of a finger to more severe injuries including a crush injury to part of the hand, loss or amputation of the thumb.

Further details of how much these hand injury claims are worth can be found on our personal injury main page. If you require any hand injury compensation claim advice please contact us for a completely free and no obligation consultation.