Head injury
compensation claims

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Injuries to the head can be as minor as a cut or bruise or as serious as a traumatic brain injury. For a very severe injury to the head/brain a head injury compensation claim of up to £257,750 could be awarded.

Blows to the head need to be monitored carefully, particularly if there is a loss of consciousness, as what can seem relatively innocuous can lead to serious injury.

When a person receives a blow to the head, the brain can move within the skull, causing bruising. Often the bruising occurs at the opposite side of the brain to where the blow occurs as it strikes the inside of the skull. This can, obviously, lead to damage to the brain. The other risk is that bleeding occurs within the skull and puts pressure on the brain, again causing damage. Brain damage can range from a short-lived loss of memory or a loss of the sense of taste or smell to catastrophic brain injuries, where the injured person is unable to function without the constant care of others. It is therefore very important that the maximum head injury compensation claim is achieved so that the needs of the injured person can be successfully met.

Various types of head injury compensation claim

Of course, not all head injuries are serious but if they involve damage to the bones, such as the cheek or jaw bone, or the teeth, they can be very painful and a severe inconvenience. Additionally, cuts and bruises to the head are not as easily hidden as they can be with other parts of the body. For this reason, the Courts value scarring to the face at a higher level than, for example, to the arm.

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