Leg injury claims

Personal injury

Claim up to £46,000

Leg injuries are usually strains or sprains of muscles and ligaments, or fractures to bones. You may be able to claim compensation for a sum of up to £46,000 if you have suffered a leg injury in an accident.

People often suffer a leg injury caused by an accident at work. There are a number of safety regulations that aim to make workplaces safe for people, however on a daily basis people continue to suffer accidents at work.

We recently assisted a client successfully make an accident at work compensation claim against her employer after she fell on a path because it was dark and the light was broken. Our client, Mrs H of Oldham, unfortunately suffered a fracture of the lateral malleolus of her left ankle caused by her losing her balance and falling on the unlit path.

The compensation guidelines used by insurance companies and the county courts for awarding compensation for ankle injuries where a good recovery is made within a year of the accident provide that the award is in the region of £1,500 – £3,600. The size of the compensation award depends on the nature and the extent of the injury. The guidelines state that for very severe ankle injuries the award increases up to about £46,000. In addition, leg injury compensation is awarded for financial losses caused by the accident, such as lost salary, physiotherapy fees, and the cost of care and assistance.

Leg injury claim successes

We have also recently assisted a client in Cumbria who suffered a piercing injury to his thigh in an accident at work. Mr L sustained a puncture wound and deep laceration injury to his thigh because he had not been provided with the equipment that he needed to safely do his work. Following the accident Mr L required hospital treatment, and stitches to close the leg wound. The insurance company of his employer accepted that the accident occurred due to a breach of the safety laws, and paid Mr L £1,600 compensation in settlement of his leg injury compensation claim.

Leg injuries are often suffered as a result of accidents in the street. We acted for Mr D of North Lincolnshire who fell awkwardly and sustained ligament injury to his knee after tripping on the broken surface of a pavement. The tarmac surface of the pavement had been raised and broken by tree roots. Mr D made a compensation claim against the council responsible for the street where the accident happened, and was paid £4,650 compensation in settlement of his claim.