Neck injury claims

Personal injury

People suffering a neck injury due to an accident that wasn’t their fault could be entitled to up to £35,000.

The most common type of neck injury is a ‘whiplash’ type injury, caused when, because of outside force, the neck is pushed forward beyond its normal range. Read more about making a claim for whiplash here.

Neck pain should always be taken seriously, whatever the root course and it is therefore imperative that medical attention is obtained if you experience pain in this area. If you have been involved in an accident, it may simply be that you have mild whiplash. However at the other end of the spectrum it may be a sign of a more serious underlying problem such as slipped disc or damage to the spinal cord. (Depending on the severity of the neck injury)

Expert compensation advice

We can provide you with expert professional injury compensation advice in relation to your accident and consequent injury, even if the injury has only lasted for a few weeks.

For example a whiplash injury lasting around 8 weeks may entitle you to approximately £1,000 in compensation, and a whiplash injury where complete recovery takes a year may entitle you to compensation of up to £2,850, depending on the severity.

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