Wrist injury

Personal injury

Injury to wrists may be suffered in accidents at work, in the street, in a road traffic accident, and other types of accident. If you have suffered a wrist injury in an accident you may be able to make a claim of up to £40,000.

Wrist injuries are usually a sprain or strain to a muscle or tendon in the wrist, however fracture injury to the radius or ulna bones are also common.

The compensation guidelines used by insurance companies and the county courts when making awards of wrist injury compensation provide that for very minor fracture injuries, and also strain injuries where a plaster cast or strapping is required, and a good recovery from the injury is made within a few months of the accident, the compensation award is in the region £2,300 – £3,125.

Larger sums of wrist injury compensation, up to about £40,000, are awarded for severe wrist injuries. In addition, compensation is awarded for any lost wages and financial expenses.

Our wrist injury related claim successes

We recently assisted Mrs T of York who slipped and fell on a hazardously slippery floor in a shop. Mrs T required hospital treatment for the injury to her right wrist, and had to wear a plaster of Paris pot on her wrist for five weeks after the accident. The insurance company of the shop accepted liability for the accident, and paid Mrs T £2,800 in wrist injury compensation.

We have also successfully assisted Miss C of Liverpool who tripped and fell on an uneven path that was the responsibility of a public house. Miss C attended hospital after the accident, and was advised that she had suffered a fracture to the radius in her left wrist. The public liability insurance company of the property owner where the accident occurred accepted liability for the accident, and paid Miss C £3,000 compensation.

Mr E instructed us to make a wrist injury compensation claim against his employer after he suffered an accident at work. Mr E was helping move a large cage loaded with food and fresh produce into a kitchen, and the cage fell against him. Mr E claimed compensation for the sprain injury sustained to his wrist, and his employer agreed to pay Mr E £2,100 compensation in settlement of the claim.