Claiming for an
Accident abroad

If you have had an accident whilst in another country then you may still be able to claim compensation for any injuries suffered.

The most common claims are for people having accidents whilst on holiday. The claim for compensation can be brought in the UK, against the holiday tour operator, if the accident was due to a problem with a hotel or a trip arranged as a package holiday, otherwise it will need to be started in the country in which it happened. The local laws will then apply and we can help you to seek specialist advice.

Assisting with your accident abroad claim

We can assist you for accident abroad claims for, amongst other things, food poisoning, trips or slips at the hotel, road traffic accidents whilst on planned trips and injuries from activities.

We can claim for your injuries, the loss of enjoyment of the holiday, any treatment fees and extra expenses due to the accident.

You can also bring an accident abroad compensation claim in the UK if you are employed by a UK based company and are injured whilst working for them abroad or if you have a road accident whilst driving abroad.

If you have had an accident whilst abroad then contact us by telephone or complete our accident claim for free, confidential advice.