Adventure accident

Personal injury

If you have sustained an injury whilst taking part in an outdoor/adventure activity then contact to help you get the compensation you deserve?

There are obvious risks involved with outdoor/adventure activities such as rock climbing, mountaineering, high wiring, etc. Organisers or owners of venues that run outdoor/adventure activities have a responsibility to ensure that their clients are protected and are safe. If you sustained an injury as a result of the following, you may be able to make a claim for adventure sport accident compensation:

  • Poor or no instruction
  • Defective equipment
  • Incorrect training
  • Negligence of other participants, supervisors or organisers
  • Lack of preparation

Things to do if you have injured yourself whilst taking part in an outdoor/adventure activity:

  • Ensure that the injury is reported to staff and a record is taken
  • Seek medical advice/treatment
  • Obtain evidence e.g. photographs of areas where you sustained the injury, faulty equipment, etc
  • Obtain witnesses’ contact details, if applicable
  • Contact Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited

You can also claim for other losses incurred as a result of your accident e.g. travel expenses, loss of earnings, medical fees, etc

Adventure Accident Compensation Solicitors

Our specialist adventure accident solicitors at Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited have vast experience of dealing with all types of injuries sustained by people taking part in outdoor/adventure activities. Contact us today to see how we can help you make a successful compensation claim. Our services are No Win No Fee so you won’t lose a penny when making your claim.

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