Criminal injury

Personal injury

If you have suffered injury, physical or mental, due to the violent criminal act of another then you may be entitled to compensation.

The Government runs a scheme called the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) to compensate the victims of violent crime. The crime must have been reported and the claim for compensation brought within two years of the incident, unless it relates to abuse. The injury must have taken place in England, Scotland or Wales but the perpetrator does not need to have been prosecuted or even charged.

In order to bring the criminal injuries compensation claim you will need to have co-operated with the police in the investigation of the incident or your claim will be disallowed. There will also be a discount for a previous criminal record.

The CICA will investigate your compensation claim and obtain information in relation to both the incident and your injuries from the police, any hospitals attended and your GP.

As well as your injury, you can claim for financial losses, including loss of earnings.

At the end of their investigations, the CICA will decide whether to award compensation. The award is based upon a standard scale for each injury. It is not uncommon for the award to be less than expected and we have experience and expertise in successfully appealing decisions of the CICA to obtain more compensation.

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