Defective product

Personal injury

We all use dozens of products every day which, if they went wrong, could cause injury. Products has a wide definition, covering goods, component parts and foodstuffs. Basically most things that you use on a daily basis.

Obviously, many things that you use will have been made abroad but the law states that you can bring a defective compensation claim against the person who made it or the person who sold it. It does not even have to be you that purchased the item.

A product is defective if it is not as safe as a reasonable person would expect. This can mean that there is a physical problem with the item from poor design or manufacture, or the instructions for use or warnings are insufficient.

Defective product compensation examples

Defective compensation claims can be brought for any product that causes injury. In recent years, claims have been made for defective drugs, make-up and hair products, car seats, sofas, medical devices and car parts, amongst other things. The list of potential products is endless.

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