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Suffered food poisoning from eating in a public place?

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Food poisoning caused by eating contaminated food is relatively easy to recognise. You will experience sickness and diarrhoea, stomach pains and cramps. If the sickness and diarrhoea are sufficiently severe, you may also experience dehydration because of the loss of fluids.

Food poisoning symptoms

The symptoms of food poisoning will often last for only 24-48 hours. However, in some cases, where the food poisoning is more serious, an individual may experience an increased heart rate, as well as weakness or numbness to the arms and legs. In even rarer cases, and particularly if an individual is physically vulnerable, (the very young and the elderly for example) severe food poisoning can result in death.

Free food poisoning compensation consultation

Food poisoning is usually caused because of a lack of hygiene. If you suspect that you have contracted food poisoning because of a dirty kitchen, dirty appliance, or even an unhygienic chef in a restaurant, hotel, or pub, then we may be able to help. Please call for a free food poisoning compensation claim consultation.