School accident

Personal injury

Has your child had an accident at school? If they have been injured it may be that you are entitled to compensation. Schools and colleges have a duty to look after students in their care. The level of supervision and care depends upon the circumstances and the age of the child.

The school or college also has a duty to maintain the building, playground, walkways and any equipment used. If they fail to maintain them then a claim for compensation could arise.

Whilst certain dangers may appear obvious to an adult, a curious child may not appreciate this. For this reason, schools and colleges must take extra care, just as a parent would.

At Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited we can deal with accident claims for:

  • Trips and slips on school premises
  • Injuries caused by defective sports or teaching equipment
  • Lack of supervision by teachers
  • Bullying

It is sometimes difficult to prove compensation claims against schools and colleges as there are often few adult witnesses to accidents and, if there are, it tends to be the person who is potentially at fault. It is, therefore, important to obtain the report of the accident from the school at the earliest opportunity and ensure that the matter is investigated properly.

School and College accident compensation claim experts

At Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited we have the experience and expertise to obtain information that Local Education Authorities may not wish to disclose to parents. We are able to deal with matters with sensitivity and avoid the distress that such accidents can sometimes cause.

Even if the accident occurred some time ago, we are still able to investigate the matter as the injured person will usually have three years from their 18th birthday to bring a school accident compensation claim.

If you or your child has been injured at school or college then please contact us by telephone on the above number or by filling in ‘Start your claim’ form.

All enquiries are dealt with in confidence and free of charge.