Falls and slips

Personal injury

Suffered an injury due to a slip or fall in public? You could claim compensation

We have successfully obtained compensation on behalf of clients where they have suffered a slipping accident in a public place.

These accidents can include a slip in either a school, a playground or park, a museum, street or any other public place. This includes individuals slipping on ice, grit, sand or snow. The types of injuries which our clients have claimed for vary from being severe to being minor injuries.

In order to successfully obtain compensation for our clients, we assist them in proving their claim. This involves providing photographs of the defect which they slipped on, providing witness evidence and proving injury.

Steps to making a successful fall / slip compensation claim

Firstly, in providing photographs, we ask clients to provide photographs showing the defect which they slipped on, if they can. For example, photographs of the ice, grit or sand which they slipped on. However, we do appreciate that if an individual is making a claim for an accident which took place a number of months ago or even a year ago then he may not be able to provide photographs as the defect may have been rectified.

Secondly, we ask clients to provide us with details of any witnesses who saw them slip or who can confirm that the defect (e.g. ice, snow, grit) was present at the time of their accident. It is best for individuals to obtain the contact details of any witnesses straight after the accident took place as it may be difficult to trace them later.

Get medical treatment after your fall or slip in public

In successfully making a slip or fall compensation claim, we must also show that our clients have suffered an injury as a result of their slip or fall. It is important therefore that clients obtain medical treatment as soon as possible after the accident takes place either at their GP, Walk in centre or hospital, depending on the severity of the injury. If the medical records do not show the client attended for treatment for their injury, then it is unlikely that they will receive any compensation.

Although the majority of claims are settled within months and out of court, at times some claims can take longer in being settled where court proceedings are issued. This usually takes place where the Defendant continues to dispute they are at fault. Where court proceedings have been issued, we have also successfully obtained compensation for our clients.

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