Supermarket fall or
trip compensation

Personal injury

We have assisted clients in successfully making compensation claims against supermarkets and other shops. If you have been injured due to an accident at a supermarket or store then contact us today to see how much you could claim.

These accidents have involved clients tripping over potholes, raised grids or paving slabs in a car park of a store/ shop or directly outside the store/ shop.

We have also successfully pursued claims where clients have slipped in a supermarket/ store due to a wet floor or slipped on items left in a hazardous position in a store/ shop.

In order to successfully make a claim, we ask clients to provide photographs of the defect they tripped on (pothole, raised grid etc.).

We also ask clients to provide details of any witnesses who saw the accident or confirm that they saw the defect which the client slipped/ tripped on. It is therefore best for individuals to get the contact details of witnesses once the accident has occurred as it can be difficult to trace witnesses afterwards.

Report the accident to the supermarket/shop

When suffering an accident, it is also important that the individual reports this to the store/ shop after it takes place. This can help an individuals claim if they decide to make a claim in the future as evidence that the accident took place.

If an individual cannot prove that he suffered an injury, then it is unlikely that the Defendant will pay compensation to them. It is always recommended therefore to obtain medical treatment as soon as possible after the accident takes place.

In proving an injury, clients may also provide us with photographs of their injury where this is clearly visible.

Although the majority of claims are settled within months and out of court, at times some claims can take longer in being settled where court proceedings are issued. This usually takes place where the Defendant continues to dispute fault. Where court proceedings have been issued, we have also successfully obtained compensation for our clients.

Successful supermarket compensation claims

If you have suffered injury due to an accident in a supermarket or shop contact us today for a FREE no obligation consultation, we have a proven record in successful supermarket compensation claims. We can help you get the maximum claim you deserve. Call 0800 131 3636 to speak to one of our friendly claims advisors.