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Manchester Commercial Property Solicitors

Latimer Lee Solicitors Limited specialise in commercial property and business transactions. Our Manchester based team of Commercial Property Solicitors have a wealth of experience in dealing with all aspects of commercial property law.

As a Landlord, you will want to know that the leases you grant are as secure as possible and that in the event of a problem tenant you will have available all enforceable remedies.

As a Tenant, you will want to know that the lease you are about to enter in to, or to renew, provides a fair and reasonable balance of your rights with the rights of your landlord, and that you are safeguarded against unnecessary risks and expenses.

As a Business Owner, whether you are selling or buying or renting, the commercial property is an essential part of your business and you will want to be sure that you are getting the best terms, and that you do not fall foul of the ever-changing legislation relating to property, land taxes, planning permission etc.

As the seller of a business and/or shares in a limited company, you want to be sure that you dispose of your business or your company without any future liability. As the buyer of a business and/or shares in a limited company, you want to know that you do not, for example, take on any liabilities of the seller and/or the business/company and that it is financially sound.

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