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Have you made an investment based on the advice of a bank or an advisor and then lost money? You could be entitled to make a mis-sold investment compensation claim

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which regulates UK banks has found serious failings in the advice given out to customers investing in stocks and shares and also other investment products. If it is found that you have been given such advice and it led to you losing money then you could entitled to compensation.

If your bank or advisor has ignored your attitude towards the risks associated with investing in stock market-linked products, tied your savings into a single product or failed to provide you with an adequate cash reserve, then you may have a right to claim mis sold investment compensation.

No Win No Fee mis-sold investment compensation

The no-win no-fee claims process is straightforward and will not affect the existing relationship you have with your bank or your credit rating. There are no upfront fees to pay and any charges will only be applied after you receive compensation.

You can claim for any investment which involves risk to your capital. These include:

  • Investment Bonds and Capital Protection Bonds
  • Unite Trusts
  • Stocks and Shares